Settlement Application Format

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Aug 30, 2015
Settlement Application

This application is used for establishing new settlements. If you want to expand an established settlement, that is done by making a reply on the thread for the approved settlement application. Below is a link to the settlements and building system which goes into detail about how the settlements work.

Link to settlement and building system

The requirements for establishing a settlement are as follows:
  • An area of land on the map (You can choose anywhere as long as it makes rp sense).

  • At least five active players must post on the application in support of the settlements creation.

  • Someone with a building application (or build team) to build your settlement. (This person is not necessary to get accepted, but you won't be able to build anything without an accepted builder)

  • The required amount of money to buy your hamlet, or to expand to larger settlement sizes. Keep in mind a settlement can only be started at the size of Hamlet, never village or town.
    • Hamlet size of land ( 50 x 50 ) - 5,000 Kuras.

    • Expansion to village size of land ( 100 x 100 ) - 10,000 Kuras.

    • Expansion to town size of land ( 150 x 150 ) - 20,000 Kuras.

Settlement Application Format

Name of the settlement:
(I.e Tidsmith, Dunsgate etc.)

Location of the settlement (images and description):
Settlements can be created anywhere on the map, there is only a limit to how many settlements are allowed in a duchy. (One settlement per duchy). Simply include some pictures of the area and a description so we know where you are referring to. Coordinates are also acceptable but not so easy on the eyes)

Name of the settlement creator (Minecraft username and character name):
(This is the original creator not the current mayor)

Name of the current settlement mayor (Minecraft username and character name):
(This is the current mayor of the settlement, should be kept updated for server records.)

Architectural style:
Please include some pictures of the style in which the settlement will be built (Must be tied to one of the four wider server cultures and must also reflect your chosen geographical area.)

Why is this settlement being created?
Please write 2-4 in depth paragraphs detailing the story leading up to the creation/expansion of the settlement. Also include things such as theme and reason for its creation/expansion.

Future plans for the settlement:
Please write 1-2 paragraphs detailing your hopes and plans for the future of the settlement.

Additional information:
This section can be used for additional information about the settlement, if necessary.
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