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Shakespearean Sonnet


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Dec 17, 2015
This is a sonnet I had to write when I was in 8th grade English and I feel like sharing it. (2 years ago)

Fantasy should I compare you to the imprisonment of school?
The vast field of your realms intrigue me so.
You help me escape from the stress, and I think you are cool.

Amazement fills my mind as I look upon your various races that go.
School imprisons my ideas, but you Fantasy you set them free.

Creativity’s flow is stopped short by math problems and grammar.
Lands in Fantasy come and go, the free citizens within make me feel happy.
Seeing you go feels like somebody smashed my toe with a hammer.
But School makes my brain stressed and tired, then Fantasy readies my brain for the next day.
This makes sense to only who felt this way about Fantasy and school together.
Perhaps some people may think that this is atrocious, or some may say.

Both items running side by side make me feel as light as a feather.
Oh Fantasy you free my mind of evil and horrible thinking
Your beautiful sights would make a group of elves resort to drinking.