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ACCEPTED Sinful Thorn Moderator Application

Sinful Thorn

New Member
Aug 26, 2020
Minecraft Name
- SinfulThorn

Discord Name
- Sinful Thorn#1337

- 21


How often and how long can you be online and spare time for moderating?
- Honestly i'm on my computer pretty much from 10 AM EST until midnight/3 in the morning (I do online schooling and work from home), I am always multi-tasking games and whatnot on the side. As far as focused attention? Upwards of 3-5 hours depending on the day.

Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it?
- Yes, although i'm really just throwing my hat in the ring for any responsibilities that might want to be handed off. I'm currently in school for full-stack web development (Already a very well off front-end web developer) and I tinker with java plugins both for minecraft and runelite (I am not amazing at it, but i'm learning with my free time).

Do you have any past experiences moderating any forums or servers?
- Lots. I've been an owner of a roleplay server in the past (Icebound RP) I've also been a forum/game moderator/admin for tons of minecraft servers. Here are some examples, (I'm Coufee/Lazarus) One Two Three

One - Icebound forums which I created and was the admin of
Two - Same, but proof I was an admin, lol
Three - Website I build and maintained with an active forum for the game Mordhau.

Sorry, don't have many more screenshots, i've been at this for years, things get lost as hardware changes.

If a person breaks the rules, what would be your procedure?
- Depends on if it's in the Discord server, forums, or in the game. In general, I like to talk through the scenario with the offender and see why they made the decision they did. If it's something small, i would likely offer a verbal warning. Something bigger will likely warrant immediate action, a mute, kick, temp-ban, depends on the scenario.


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Sep 21, 2017
United States

Congratulations! Your moderator application has been approved.

We are sorry for taking so long with this but we have been very busy behind the scenes.

We can see your past experiences with other servers and are approving you based upon that. Do read our guidelines before continuing forward however.

Welcome to the team!​