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Jun 9, 2020
Canada, Quebec
Name of the settlement:

Location of the settlement (images and description):
Will be sent privately (Filesize too large)
It is in the Northern Summit, at the base of the iron mine and near the unthawed water flowing down into the Elshwine. Close to the path up and down the two nations.

Name of the settlement creator (Minecraft username and character name):
Faeborn - Mara-Lee Chabot (Last name subject to change soon)

Name of the current settlement mayor (Minecraft username and character name):
Mara-Lee Chabot

Architectural style:
Being on the cliffside, in high altitude, deep in the snow and quite out of their elements, the Drahl architecture would do the job poorly. Instead, we'll be aiming for sturdy chalet styles homes semi dug down with lightly slanted roofs and good support to both be resistant to potential avalanches and conserve heat. Every house is going to have a main front entrance and a rooftop entrance for snowed in emergencies. (We're learning from the previous locals.)
We'll be using stone, spruce and hope to gain access to Birch, which is available very close to our settlement. Our homes will be close and the roads will be lit with pyres to keep the streets a minimum warm.
We will make an inn, either now or in the future, as we want this town to be a road-town and the liaison between the North and Drahli lands.

Why is this settlement being created?
The Drahli are homesick. Now that the north belongs in part to the northmen, they wish to get closer to home and set a foot down permanently in these new regions of theirs. It will give them independence, control on the iron mine, control on the passage, a source of the purest freshwater in the world. It's strategic in many ways to further projects of the Drahli.

Future plans for the settlement:
I hope the settlement to become a trading hub for the community. Potentially attract our own wandering merchant. We wish to install an inn, survive off of the moutain herd of the Naimans, operate the iron mine privately for residents and a lot more which Lena should be semi-aware.

Additional information:
The players currently involved (I'm sure there will be more) are Faeborn, AionTbird and Verando.
With the ownership of this land, Mara will make claim to nobility.


Icy Girl
Staff member
Sep 27, 2015
The Mariana Trench

Congratulations! Your settlement has been approved!

Once you make your land payment to the server staff the agreed land will be granted to the listed owners of the settlement.

The area around Norvaskr is a historical Drahl native land so this settlement fits right in!