DENIED Smasher_of_Mom's Application..

Aug 5, 2018
MineCraft Username(s):

Answer - Smasher_of_Moms

Full UUID for your MineCraft account(s) (Found here):

Answer - 204bf6c0-2f46-4d87-8963-1d87eaae5f04

How old are you? (We need to know this as our server has an age restriction)

Answer - 16

Have you read through our rules? (Found here)

Answer - Yep

Do you agree with our rules?

Answer - Yep

How did you hear about Tale of Banners?

Answer - Yep

Do you have any previous roleplay experience?

Answer - Yep

Is there anything you would like to add?

Answer - Nope

Part 2 of 4
Terms & definitions
Answer these definitions using your own words. The definitions can be looked up if necessary, however copy-pasting is not allowed.
What do you define as roleplaying?

Answer - Playing as a role you wouldn't be able to assume in real life.

Describe the term ‘powergaming’

Answer - Roleplaying in a manner which makes your character overpower another in a manner which is rather disrespectful. A big no no.

Describe the term ‘metagaming’

Answer - Using information you gained out of character in character.

What is a "Mary-Sue" character?

Answer - A snowflake. Someone who tries to be perfect in every way shape and form. I hate these people.

Part 3 of 4
Character Creation
Here you will create a character to use on our server.
Provide us with an ingame screenshot of your character’s skin.

Answer -


Answer - Jon Stockland


Answer - 24


Answer - Oserian

Story & Biography:

Answer - Jon was born in the fruitful lands of Oseria. Although born from a rather rich family in the capital, he was set aside and adopted by yokels from the countryside. The brusque congregation of hovels Jon lived in enjoyed the sport of bull riding. And though he was not very skilled in the sport, he still participated in the event. Before he rode he made it a habit to gamble what little money he had on himself. Jon's unfortunate gambling lead him to debt and he lacks the funds to keep clothing of any kind, therefor he wears a barrel. Jon enjoys spending his spare time in the company of busty wenches.

Part 4 of 4
Open-ended questions
At least three must be answered. Delete the spares(if applicable). Please include at least one paragraph for each of the answered questions.

Question 1
You stumble outside into the open air after some heavy drinking in an Oserian tavern. Just before you're about to pass an alleyway, a hooded man rushes out of it and runs for it - seemingly, he has both a blade and some jewelry on him. You take a quick peek in the alleyway to see a feminine figure collapsed on the ground, holding her hands over a bleeding wound in her torso. The thief is about to escape and the woman seems in critical condition. You...

Answer: Being the gentleman that he is, Jon made his way to the woman and attempted to nurse her back to health in expectation of a reward. He protruded from his barrel pocket a moldy rag and swiftly stuffed it into the wound. He then gazed at the woman's body voluptuously from toe to head, a wolfish grin appearing upon his visage before he got to business.

Question 2
You are on your way to the Korsian city of Telth to sell some wares. Upon reaching the front gates you are stopped by the guard. They deny you entry for the time being as the traffic into the city is too high. You are effectively forced to wait in the refugee camp located between the two gates for the time being. The camp is
filled with shopping stalls and refugees sleeping on the floor. How do you spend your time in the camp?

Answer: Jon made himself at home with the refugees, for he is already a bedraggled man. He fits right in and conversed with many a brusque figure. Jon's eccentricity earns him a few friends and he makes his way back to the gate, demanding entry from the guardsmen with his newly acquired entourage.

Question 3
You've gotten lost and wandered awhile into Drahl lands, eventually finding yourself in Crookmire Swamp, where you decide to settle for the night. Finding a meal to buy for the evening takes some effort, but you do come across an old crone in ragged clothing, who offers to sell you some sea-looking food. She doesn't ask much, but warns you that eating it is 'unpleasant' to outsiders. You...

Answer: Jon crossed his arms, eyeing the old crone with an admirable amount of suspicion before reluctantly devouring the sea-looking food. Jon then profusely gagged before finally throwing up a hairball onto the poor woman.

Question 4
In the midst of battle, you find yourself approaching a wounded enemy soldier. The soldier is on the floor, clearly in terror as they cradle one of the dead. Enemy forces begin to advance in the distance and you know you have to act fast. The soldier then grasps at a cloth and removes it from the dead soldiers pocket. They continue to cry, and starts calling the dead soldier's name is despair. Then the soldier glances up to see you - with your weapon up - but does not care of your approach, continuing to cradle the dead soldier. You…

Answer: Jon threw aside his weapon, grasping his digits about the throat of the enemy soldier. He proceeds to strangle the cur, ignoring the resistance he offered while Jon then planted his thumbs into the man's eyes. He winced at the screaming man, frothing at the mouth with the amount of effort he put into his strangling. When the soldier ceased his thrashing, Jon grabbed the corpse by the hair and smashed his head into the dirt until his skull cracked open and crimson poured from the opening. He stuck his finger into the man's skull, wiping the blood under each eye before he retrieved his weapon and threw himself onto the next man.

Question 5
You have wandered across a seemingly endless tundra for what have felt like days. A raging snowstorm makes you unable to see more than a few metres ahead. Being almost out of resources, you are delighted to find out that you have stumbled your way to a village. Upon closer inspection you find out it's a Northern village, and the residents are not very friendly towards strangers. What do you do in this dire situation?

Answer: Assuming the people of the Northern village admire strength and courage, Jon removed his barrel and flexed profusely, making his way into the heart of the hovels in hope they would find his rather large muscles an attractive trait and take him in.
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Aug 30, 2015

You’re almost there! Your application is pending.

There are only a few things to change for a final decision.

Make the following edits to your application:

1. Your character biography is rather short. Try adding more personality to your character and/or expanding on what you already have written.

2. Some of your open ended questions is quite short, so I'd like to see those fleshed out a bit more.

Once that is done, make a comment affirming you have made these changes and your application will be reviewed again as soon as possible.

Good luck!


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Aug 30, 2015

Your application has been denied.

While in this state it is unsuitable for approving, you are welcome to try again.

The reasons for the denial are as follows:

1. Expanding your biography and open-ended questions with comedical one liners is hardly considered fleshing out your character.

2. Rethink your character. While you might think he seems funny he also comes across as quite trolly.

Should you choose to re-apply, please make a new application!