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South Oseria Pit Viper

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Oct 7, 2019
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≾ S. Oseria Pit Viper ≿

The South Oseria pit viper is a quick snake that finds its home in self-dug burrows or bushes of the forests. The average pit viper grows to the length of 17 inches. These serpentine creatures are covered in pointed, leaf shaped scales that are colored close to the green of common foliage. Pit vipers roam South Oseria for the humidity and generally warm climate. Their favorite place to call home is in the many berry bushes of the forests, laying in wait for small animals to get close enough to strike with their venomous bite. Generally these creatures feed on small vermin such as field mice, squirrels and chipmunks, but if threatened they will not hesitate to release a bite full of venom into their target. The toxins they release into a human’s bloodstream can cause severe pain with rapid swelling, eventual bruising of the skin, trouble breathing, numbness in the bite area and may even cause shock. However, the venom of the South Oserian pit viper is not deadly in most cases, though the searing pain this venom causes will only get worse. If left untreated, the venom may cause nerve damage near the bite location.

The human residents of South Oseria don’t seem to interact with these snakes too often. When they come close they either take a wide berth or don’t see them all together. There were some records of people ‘milking’ the venom from these snakes. They would pair small portions of it with hard alcohol and sell it as a gimmick drink.
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