State of Beta - March 17th, 2019


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Jan 8, 2016
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Hey ToB,

Though progress has been slow, I’m pleased to announce I will be ready to bring all of you on for condensed, intense roleplay goodness in the coming days! The new sharpness comes in a few different ways:

New main roleplay area: condensed village

All characters are to retreat from Dunsgate into a new, smaller settlement! The core of it will already be built, though we encourage players to build their own residences around the few buildings(tavern and the like) in free-form by using the surrounding resources like rocks and wood. Staff will still keep an eye on the overall image and help out where needed.

New in-character power structure: two opposing forces

Since all of Esna’s characters are moving into the same small area, race-based leaders and kings don’t hold their power here. While the deadly storms pass through the kingdoms and the wildlands of the deserts, swamps and, of course, northern reaches, survivors will be forced to rely and work for the powers who have the most resources and wealth.

Two particular characters(or families) will have this resourceful power. Either by bloodline, shady doings, smart investments, plain old luck or whatever else, they will have brought money and resources with them to this new settlement, earning themselves a noble status, no matter whether they were actually born with a noble name or not. Each of these self proclaimed noble factions will receive resources and money to be able to keep hold of one half of the settlement each - through employing others to work for them, starting up businesses, so on and so on.

Consider carefully which side to align yourself with.

These characters will be chosen in no relation to previous in-character powers: anyone can apply. You can send me a message through the forums or through Discord at Ekk#7985 consisting of answers to:

MineCraft username:
Character name:
Brief and relevant(give us a suggestion as to how they became one of the two powers of the new settlement) character summary:
Other characters part of the noble faction/family(optional):

Greenievents: the adventurous side of roleplay

Finally, a D&D-like aspect will be added to standard roleplay, overseen mostly by me. This means characters will be able to participate in quests/events, be surprised by random encounters and the like.

A separate post will cover this system in detail, but the flow of events should seem like usual roleplay. Rolling, where necessary, will be done fully behind the scenes - the most you’ll have to do is pick a class for your character.
From there on expect to jump right in, dealing with events whatever way you wish, talking it out with the npcs, fighting them, solving their problems in some other bizarre way or simply ignoring them and carrying on with emptying your mead. Loot’s coming for those who do participate though - equipment lored with further buffs for event combat and situations, trinkets and tools to be used in roleplay, even the rare artefact and trophy here and there.

Even if you don't play a combat based character, you should still be excited for these - the non-fighting type will have their own buffs. ;)

I think that about covers it. Cheers,