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Jun 12, 2016
United Kingdom
OOC Information:Please try your best to use proper grammar and correct spelling mistakes. This is a roleplay server and if accepted, writing will be your main form of communication while online.
MC Username- Tabby_Plays

How old are you?- Eighteen

What is your favorite color?- Dark blue

Have you read and agreed to the rules?- I have read them and I agree.

Have you REALLY read the rules? If so which one do you most agree with?- Yes I did read them. I agree with rule number 2-realistic skins-because when I see them around the server I'm like: You wouldn't have those skins in this time line.
Are there any changes you would make to any the rules?(if so why?)- Not really. In my opinion, the rules are fine to me, but they might be different to other players.
How did you find Tale of Banners?-(s) Google

Any other experiences: Lord of the craft. Aethra (I think that's how you spell it)
If you don’t know any of the definitions feel free to look them up just make sure you understand them and write them in your own words.

What is Roleplaying?-
Roleplaying is exactly like acting. Participating in performing a role whether to create a story or journey with others. You are telling the thoughts, acting upon, and motioning what a character that is not yourself, doing.

What is Metagaming?- Metagaming is the act of someone taking out of character knowledge or using knowledge they would not have known in character and using it in character anyway.
What is Powergaming?- Powergaming is when you force an action onto another player, for example: *I stab bob in the back 20 times*
What is OOC, IC, and IRL?-
OOC = Out of character. IC = In character. IRL = In real life.
IC Information:
Here is where you actually describe and create your own character. Be realistic! Follow the lore, and make sure your character makes sense and is someone you want to play as.

Characters Name- Siege Onbre

Characters Age-
Twenty Nine.

Characters Race- Oserian

Characters Sex (Male or female)- Male

Characters Biography (This is where you can get creative. Write down your characters story from birth to present time. Use lore and follow the server timeline, and events. Must be a minimum of 2 paragraphs long)-

"SIEGE! CLEAN THIS UP NOW!" A booming voice ordered. A young boy of the age of 10 scrambled over with a broom and began to sweep furiously. You could see the hurt in the poor boy's eyes. A shaking figure, bony skin and an empty stomach. The man who barked at him growled, but then continued to talk to his clients. The boy known as 'Siege' sighed as he took the broken glass and threw it in the bin carefully. He then made his way back to his tiny room. Siege had silver eyes and brown hair and worked as a slave for his Master that he was sold to.

Siege never knew his parents, but he knew he hated them for abandoning him in this dump. Siege mumbled under his breath as he put a brown shirt on, and wrapped a worn out bandage around his arm. He didn't get enough money to buy new ones, so as a result, he had to use the only three ones he had over and over again. Siege's master didn't know that every Sunday, in his five hour day off, he would go and learn how to fight, cook and read. It was the only education he could get, so, he made use of his five hours.
Siege sighed as he remembered his life as a child, but then chuckled when he remembered his Master's broken nose. Siege was now 29, and he had left that behind him. At 12, he ran away from his past, he never wanted to return to it. He wanted to fight for what was right. He never wanted one to suffer like he has. Siege sighs as he climbs the tree. Siege looked at the tiny bandage on the table, and sighed once more. He had learned a lot from that experience, he had travelled the world, making enemies and allies, he learnt how to cook and fight, which has helped him out a lot. He remembered the lies that his Master had told him...

Siege smiled. I will find you one day Brother...


Please provide an in game screenshot of your characters skin here…..

Role-Playing Scenarios:
These scenarios will be used in order to test your role-playing abilities. Please answer any 3 of the 4 scenarios listed, and remember to complete these scenarios in as much detail as possible.


Your character finds themselves in the middle of an arena with nothing more than a robe on their back. As you character looks around there is what appears to be a spear on the ground approximately 15 meters ahead of them. They’re not the only person in this arena however, with several others scattered around the arena. Each member in that arena is trying to get that spear. How does you character survive this ordeal?


Returning from the tavern after a long night of drinking, your character passes through the streets and alleyways on the short return home. However, on the way you hear a woman in distress coming from around the corner. The woman is being robbed and is clearly distraught. What does your character do next?: Siege shoves the robber to the ground, as the robber draws his sword, Siege draws his own, swords clashing, the woman gets behind Siege. As the robber backs up against the wall, Siege grabs the pouch from the robber, and hands it back to the woman, Siege then walks the woman home, making sure she is safe.
On the road going passing from Oseria to Crosia, your character gets lost and ends up at Crookmire Swamp. Although lost, your character decides to stay the night in Crookmire and continue their travels in the morning. After a few hours your character begins to get hungry and heads to a local street vendor. The vendor offers you some baked goods, however warns of out of body experiences if they are to eat this food. What does your character do next, and how do they react to this situation?: Siege smirks. "Thanks. But I just had a piece of cake from that tavern. But thanks for warning about the side effects." Hands the man some gold coins and walks away with a grin on his face.


In the midst of battle, your character finds themselves next a wounded enemy soldier. The soldier is on the floor, clearly upset as he cradles one of his dead. The soldier then grasps at a cloth and removes it from the dead soldiers pocket. He continues to cry, and starts calling the dead soldier's name is despair. Then the soldier glances up to see your character with sword in hand, but does not care of your approach, continuing to cradle the dead soldier. What does your character do next?: Siege frowns. He puts his hands together as in praying for the dead body, he pats the crying man on the back, and walks away.

Any extra information you would like to add on your application? [Optional]:

Thanks to whoever is looking at my application!
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Dec 17, 2015
Hello, hello! I am NTE_Killer4life and will be reviewing your whitelist application today! :D

Your application has been put on.... PENDING.
The application was enjoyable to read, he seems like a very interesting character, but...
  • I would like to know more about his childhood and family. (hint: Be descriptive, like you are painting me an image of the story you are telling about your character.
  • If you can, try to think of a more creative way of his parents being killed off instead of it being done by an edgy looking cloaked figure. It is too overdone.
  • Lastly, you must be more descriptive of your roleplaying scenarios. Remember, like you are telling somebody a very amazing story.
I know its a bit to fix, but I know you can do it. Once you are done shoot me a PM and I'll take another look.

You have 48 hours to fix the bulleted problems with your application, failure to do so will result in denial of your application. Then you must reapply in the next 24 hours from being denied.

REVIEWED: August 6th, 2016 12:02 PM EST
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Dec 17, 2015
  • You could have wrote more than 2 paragraphs as it says the MINIMUM is 2 paragraphs, not the MAXIMUM. :p If you really want to leave it that short, add some more lore to it and be more descriptive, please.
  • Be more descriptive in scenarios 2 and 4, please.
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