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ACCEPTED TagTeamChampion's Moderator Application


Jun 22, 2020
Scotland, UK
Minecraft Name
- TagTeamChampion

Discord Name
- PurpleKnight#0553

- 21


How often and how long can you be online and spare time for moderating?
- I can be on for roughly 3-5 hours a night (generally from 7pm to 12pm BST). Generally speaking i have Mondays off, which would allow me to be available throughout the majority of that day.

Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it?
- Yes, I have. I have enjoyed my time on the server as a player immensely, and i believe i will be in a good position as a moderator to ensure other players have a similar experience.

Do you have any past experiences moderating any forums or servers?
- I haven't moderated on Minecraft servers before. That being said, i'm eager and able to learn new systems and procedures.

If a person breaks the rules, what would be your procedure?
- I would first determine what rule has been broken, and who by (if there are multiples, in the case of exploits or particularly heated arguments). Next would be to explain in concise language that they have broken a rule, and that there will be consequences/punishments for that. I would inform the rest of the Moderator team that the player in question had received a warning/punishment, to ensure that people don't think they get a "free pass" with every individual member of the team. Further transgressions would call for harsher punishments, as appropriate to the nature of the rule being broken.


Adam / Byrne
Jul 19, 2020
California, United States

You are a extremely active player and a good dude with a heart of gold, From our interactions with you previously and your application now...

Your moderator application has been approved.

Welcome to the team!​
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