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Tale Of Banners

Aug 30, 2015
Tale of Banners


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These rules apply to all aspects of the Tale of Banners community including, but not limited to the forums, server, wiki, and official discord group. All players and staff are expected to read and follow both the rules and the terms of service. Exploiting loopholes or breaking any of these rules will result in appropriate punishment as determined by the server’s administration. Ignorance of the rules does not exclude you or lessen any punishments at all.

Link to the terms of service

General rules-
  1. Use common sense. Even actions not listed here can be punished if the staff deems it necessary.

  2. Never attack another player without roleplay. Attacking another player through PvP (Player vs Player) without initiating role play of any kind is considered incredibly unfair.

  3. You are responsible for your own account. If another individual besides you uses your account, you are responsible for their actions.

  4. No harassing or bullying other members of the Tale of Banners community under any circumstances.

  5. No racism towards other players “Out of Character” (OOC) is not allowed under any circumstances.

  6. Use of mods or anything game code changing is strictly prohibited(a list of staff-approved mods can be found here(not yet added)).

    a. This rule includes the usage of X-Ray, modded clients and any other mod giving you an unfair advantage.

  7. Age restriction for joining our community: 15 years of age.

  8. Be mindful of staff’s decisions and directions.

  9. Do not impersonate a member of the server’s staff.

  10. Avoid having offensive and/or hate-provoking usernames.

  11. Using two or more of your characters to achieve the same goal is considered powergaming. While it is allowed to have several accounts whitelisted on the server, the interaction between your own characters is not.

  12. The “Two Month Rule”. If any player does not log into the Tale of Banners Minecraft server for longer than one month anything they have left on the server it is considered “abandoned” and can be claimed by others given the circumstances.

    a. If anything belonging to a player or group is listed as abandoned for a further month without another player making a claim it falls into disrepair and is demolished to become a ruin.

  13. Avoid pop-culture references. While the occasional reference to current TV, movies and games is fine, common use may hurt roleplaying atmosphere by breaking the fourth wall (and others immersion).

  14. No exploiting of any plugin. Even minor malfunctions must be reported immediately.

  15. Advertisement of other servers / groups / organizations is prohibited.

  16. Chests on the server which are not locked can be looted by any player, this includes chests inside cities and personal houses. Use /lock to lock your chests for 25 Kura.

  17. Certain minecraft mechanics are blacklisted to ensure a low-fantasy medieval setting. Abuse of any of these mechanics in-game can lead to a strike. The list includes:

    a. Redstone

    b. Potion Brewing

    i. Using a brewing stand for the brewery plugin is perfectly fine however.

    c. Diamond

Roleplaying rules-
  1. Always stay “In Character” (IC) while roleplaying.

  2. Have a minecraft skin that’s both realistic and fitting to the theme of the server and your character. Armour which is only on the minecraft skin alone does not count in roleplay combat, any clothing on your skin should only consist of leather and fabric etc unless you have a physical armour item to represent the design on the skin.

  3. For any action and / or movement to be considered valid, it must be “roleplayed” (emoted). This only applies when two or more players are present.

  4. All characters must fit the server’s setting and lore as well as being properly balanced (no god-moding). This also means any existing character or individual outside of the server is disallowed.

  5. Meta-Gaming and Power-Gaming is strictly prohibited.

  6. Under no circumstance should you ever influence or pressure someone “Out of Character” (OOC) into taking certain “In Character” (IC) decisions or actions. This is considered a provocation of meta-gaming.

  7. You may not create a character with nobility status as default unless approved by a king or if you’re joining an already approved noble family. Who noble families include in their house is up to them but there is a limit to 10 OOC players per house.

  8. Cybering (a.k.a. erotic roleplay) is strictly prohibited. The only acceptable form is “fade to black”, where the event is only assumed to happen and thus any adult content is totally skipped.

    a. Prostitution/brothels are still allowed, as long as they do not violate rule 8.

  9. For specific rules and information about the different villainous tiers, click here.

Combat & Death rules-
  1. The default combat system is solely roleplay based.

    a. Vanilla Minecraft PvP may only be used if either: all participants agree to PvP combat, or there are 5+ players participating in the fight. Roleplay still has to occur as a build up to the fight. The battle is initiated when all participants are ready.

    i. Running away from a roleplay based fight will initiate PvP combat regardless of the situation.

    ii. Roleplay also has to occur as a buildup before a PvP fight in a warzone (warzones is detailed in the war and battle system), but the group limitation is removed.

    b. Logging out in the middle of combat, also known as “Combat Logging”, is generally frowned upon and can be punished in severe cases. It is understandable that things might come up, but try to avoid it.

    c. If two players disagree upon an action in RP combat, they can solve their dispute through rolling a dice. This can be done by both sides using the “/roll 20” command. The side with the highest roll will have their action be valid.

    d. In roleplay-combat you should follow 'turn order'. When in a large group fight of 3-4 people you should always wait for your turn in combat. For more detailed information check the 'War and Combat' System.

  2. You may not initiate a fight with the intention to kill, unless your character has an accepted intrigue application with Tier 4 “Murderer” on the servers forums.

    a. You may however kill without being an approved villain if your character is attacked by a villain, or all participants agree to it.

    b. If you are being attacked and the person you are attacking in defense yields you must stop attacking them unless you have a Intrigue Application of Tier 2 or higher.

    c. All players have access to Intrigue Tier 0 which allows for non-lethally subduing criminals at the scene of a crime and hunting bounties. If you purposely kill a villain without a posted bounty OR cant provide screenshot proof of your character discovering their identity after you have killed them and you don't have an Intrigue Application of Tier 4 or higher you are in violation of this rule.

  3. Deaths for the average player character (farmers, miners, guards etc) is only considered final if they agree upon their character dying. In the case of your character losing a fight to another player it will only result in a knockout and you will forget the events leading up to the fight.

    a. If your villainous, noble, or key character dies through roleplay, that death is final. It is up to you to be smart about your roleplay if you don’t want your “important” character to die.

    b. Deaths outside of roleplay are never considered final. This includes PvP deaths and minecraft deaths as a result from dying to a fall or mobs etc. In this scenario your character will be rescued to spawn.

  4. Raiding in a group of 5 or more players requires the leader of the group to have an accepted tier 3 “Deviant” Intrigue application.

    a. Settlements or cities protected by a nation is exempt from attacks of this kind, as their tax money is used for protection against attackers.

    b. Raids are allowed inside “warzones” which change to PvP default during wartime.
For other specific rules or information regarding wars, check the 'War and Combat' system found here.

Building Rules-
  1. Griefing (recklessly editing the world terrain and/or builds) is not allowed. In-character demolishing of builds does not fall under this rule, yet still needs to be approved & monitored by staff.

    a. Buildings inside settlements do not need to be monitored by staff during demolition.

  2. No buildings may be built or modified without the proper application process.

    Link to the builder application format.

    a. You may, however, modify the interior of a city/settlement property you own in-character. Moderators and the city/settlement administration organise adding players to the regions.

  3. Our server’s wilderness terrain should remain untouched. Resource gathering is restricted to specific areas (lumber yards, mines, farms). Minor builds, for example camps or graveyards, can be built with staff’s approval.
For specific rules regarding settlements or strongholds, check the War / Battle system, and the Settlement & Building system.

Tale of Banners Official Rules and Regulations Version 1.3
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