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Oct 27, 2019
Talmund's Deceit
Talmund's Deceit, or more commonly 'Blow fish Toxin', or 'Puffer Poison', is a poison derived from species of puffer fish found on the Korsian coasts. The fish themselves have been known about in the Korsian region for almost as long as they have fished the waters, though up until a few hundred years ago these toxic fish were tossed back into the waters and discarded as inedible and thus worthless. Many Physicians and scientific minds around the Korsian seas have claimed credit for the poisons discovery, but the first recorded uses and experiments of it were performed by a Korsian Physician named Aymil of Karmurn (A relatively small seaside fief). Aymil claimed to have taken an interest in the fish and their toxic nature as a curious child, wondering how they managed to stay alive with the poison in their body- though many claim a story far different, the one which its named is derived from. The Mirza of Karmurn was a notoriously cruel man, removing entire limbs for petty crimes, or just because someone looked at him the wrong way, his name was Talmund Kir'seimur. Talmund took special interest in Aymil and his research into this fish, and requested Aymil try and find ways to collect and use the poison to be used against people he disagreed with. Aymil of course agreed to serve the Mirza's orders and began experimenting with the toxin, which turned out to be in small doses scentless and near colorless, a perfect poison... However in such small doses it only causes nausea and hallucinations when injested, when added to weapons and injured with, the limbs would spasm randomly for a few minutes, and cause itching around the contact point of the wound for several days afterwards. The poison of course could be lethal in large doses, though at lethal levels the color is an opaque white, and smelled strongly of dead fish. Mirza Talmund enjoyed having the Blow fish toxin put into prisoners food and drink, causing them to become extremely sick in their time in prison, many often dying in their weakended state as result of the poison. Eventually it is rumored Aymil had had enough of the abuse of his scientific mind, and he began working on a plan to give Talmund a taste of his own medicine. Aymil apparently concocted a brew that would clog a persons sinuses, making breathing from their nose or smelling near impossible, and had it slipped into Talmunds food. Once it had taken full effect and Talmund ordered Aymil to cure him, he took his chance. The dosage being to large to fit into one drink, Aymil gave it to Talmund in several manners. His white wine, the 'medicine' to help clear his nose, often believed also his food though many discount that. Over the course of a week, Aymil slowly drugged Talmund, his state becoming worse and worse, vomiting, hallucinating, nausea, until eventually he was unable to breath, allegedly dying clawing at this throat... Aymil sadly was arrested and tried for treason/slaying of a noble, sentenced to death by starvation.. Though its creator died, the poison still goes on in use today, mostly by assassins/executioners to inflict more pain when killing or extracting information.

One Pufferfish gives enough poison for 2 internal doses
The amount used for weapons is up to DM
To extract this toxin/poison from the fish requires knowledge of skinning/surgery and a 15+ roll on a D20
32 Pufferfish are required to make enough for a lethal dose
The color becomes noticeable in drinks at around 10 doses
The smell becomes noticeable at around 16 doses
(Highly up for change)