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PINNED Team info & application format

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Aug 30, 2015
Application Team - Information & Application Format

What is the Application team and its members duties?

The application team has two main tasks. The first of which is to review whitelist applications, checking the applications up against current lore etc. They have to be thorough with their work reviewing as a generally high level of roleplay knowledge is required to join the server. The application team may give tips and information to the applicants if they are unsure about something.

The other task the application team has is to help every new player getting more easily introduced to the community. This can be done by answering their questions or problems that might occur when they join, or simply guiding them towards places to roleplay.

Requirements to become a part of this team:

  • You must have a very good understanding of the server’s lore.

  • You must know the rules thoroughly.

  • You must be able to make fair decisions and be unbiased towards other players.

  • You should have good grammar and sentence structure.

Application format:

[SIZE=5][COLOR=#404040]Minecraft Name[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#808080]

[/COLOR][SIZE=5][COLOR=#404040]Discord Name[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#808080]



[/COLOR][SIZE=5][COLOR=#404040]Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it?[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#808080]

[/COLOR][SIZE=5][COLOR=#404040]Do you have any experience with anything related to the tasks of this team?[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#808080]

[/COLOR][SIZE=5][COLOR=#404040]What aspects do you think makes a good whitelist application?[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#808080]

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