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PINNED Team info & application format

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Aug 30, 2015
Moderator - Information & Application Format

What is a Moderator and the duties following the role?

On Tale of Banners it is important that the moderators always leads as good examples by showing exemplary behavior and helping out the community.

Moderators will help out any player with their issues as far as they are capable.

Moderators are in charge of moderating the server and the roleplay on it when necessary. They are in charge of trying to calm any heated situations while aiming for the best outcome for the players. Moderators can and should be called upon if a heated situation arises.

The moderators regularly check if there is any cheating, exploitation, or general breaking of the map or server in any way. For this job they have several tools to aid them.

Lastly the moderators also have to keep an eye on the forums to check for offensive content, people requiring assistance, misplaced threads, etc.

Requirements to become a part of this team:
  • You must be active ingame and willing to learn how to use the moderator tools.

  • You must be able to make unbiased and fair decisions.

  • You must have a very thorough understanding of the rules.

  • You must be able to keep calm in stressful situations and think clearly.

  • You must know most of the main lore.

  • You should have proper grammar and sentence structure.

Application format:

[SIZE=5][COLOR=#404040]Minecraft Name[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#808080]

[/COLOR][SIZE=5][COLOR=#404040]Discord Name[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#808080]



[/COLOR][SIZE=5][COLOR=#404040]How often and how long can you be online and spare time for moderating?[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#808080]

[/COLOR][SIZE=5][COLOR=#404040]Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it? [/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#808080]

[/COLOR][SIZE=5][COLOR=#404040]Do you have any past experiences moderating any forums or servers?[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#808080]

[/COLOR][SIZE=5][COLOR=#404040]If a person breaks the rules, what would be your procedure?[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#808080]

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