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ACCEPTED The Broken Song

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During the broken years, the Drahl people had to deal with much hardship and death within their people. No hope, and nothing but pain awaited them. In the harshest of places however, a song began to spread, one about a broken people who would be freed after a miracle involving one of the slaver's own. It is unknown exactly where the song started, as the Yaelkan people keep no real written records, but stories indicate two likely locations. One is the slave mines outside of Telth, where the Yaelk and Shari were put to work near extinction. The other location was outside of Dunsgate in the fields, where the slaves often became part of the fertilizer for the earth, or were worked in the ancient mines. Krelkans and Crookmen were lucky to escape most of the hardship, but these songs only spurred their hearts.

The Broken Song

Lady Tsarra, I work
I work
I work

I work the fields, I work the mines
The whip stings my back all the night.
Sweat drips down as I push the plow
Watch blood flow from my swollen brow

Lady Tsarra, we need you!
We call you to earth oh lady on High!
You promised us a land eternal, all anew!
You promised us Vahlas, the open Sky
All we see is toil and pain, and now we wonder, is it true?

We work for the day of blood and pain,
Then we wait longer, sand in our cuts,
When the son of the devil shall fall,
The horrors shall clash and the blood will sprawl.

Here, under this burning sun and within these caves
We grow ever famished, ever hungry working as slaves
We carry your precious cargo against the waves,
You promised us Vahlas, the open Sky
Oh please save us! Lady on high!

Lady Tsarra, we seek you!
Lady Tasrra, we beg you!
Free us from these bonds and chains
Send us a message to follow you to the plains
Underneath the sun, underneath the sky, we beg you

Oh Please save us! Lady on high
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