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OFFICIAL The Building Request System v1.0

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Aug 30, 2015
The Building Request System

The ToB Building Request system is designed to help maintain a building standard consistent with our unique ‘server style’, whilst also providing players with the option of staff building assistance (for a reasonable price). The system operates through the ‘Building Requests’ thread, where a variety of building services may be applied for. While players are still very much encouraged to build their own structures in player settlements, Building Requests may be of utilised by: players who prefer not to build; characters who would like to roleplay the outsourcing of building work; players who would like to modify or texture their own creations; or those who simply would like to capitalise on the creative flair of our ToB build team in their settlements.

Building Requests Process Summary

After a player submits a Building Request application, the Build Team Leader will provide a required cost for the project. This cost will consist of a ‘labour cost’ and a ‘material cost’ that must be transferred to the Build Team Leader prior to the initiation of work. A Build Team member (building in creative mode) will then be assigned to the request, and this member will correspond with the request giver to ensure their satisfaction with the building project and amend any modifications within reason. The Build Team Leader will be expected to pay close attention to the player economy, kura value, and supply chain standards to ensure they demand a reasonable Building Request cost. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated in any component of this process, you are encouraged to express your concerns on your Building Request thread, where the greater server Admin team will assess your case. At the bottom of this document, a quick Building Request application format is provided, but please do expand on this application to suit your specific needs.

Rationale: ‘Labour Costs’

The Building Request system will refer to ‘labour costs’ (typically as a sum of kura) to be paid for certain projects. The rationale here is similar to kingdom maintenance costs, in that a conceptual labour force of professional masons, carpenters, foresters, glassblowers, weavers, and other NPCs living within the background world of Esna are to be called upon for the acquisition of materials and their assembly in your requested structure. Labour costs are determined by the Build Team Leader on a basis of fair estimation.

Rationale: ‘Material Costs’

However, you won’t be paying with just kura. The Build Team Leader will assess the details you provide in your Building Request, and list an appropriate enumeration of player-obtainable resources that you will be required to collect prior to work beginning. Typical material costs will include raw resources that might be expected/imagined to be manipulated by NPC craftpersons into a variety of other specific blocks. For example, smooth stone bricks may be requested where textured masonry will be used, oak logs for textured roofing and supports, or iron bars for lanterns, nails, hinges etc. The Build Team Leader will provide a list of required items, and may also supply an image of the list (see figure 1. below) to make your life easier.

Building Request Specifics


‘Texturing’ is a term used by the ToB build team to describe the replacement of a single sort of block with a variety of similar blocks. For example, observe the change on the Windmere stables from Figures 2. and 3. below. You may make a Building Request just for texturing of existing structures built by you, without having their general structure modified. Texturing of existing surfaces is considered as an aesthetic modification of materials you have already obtained, and you will thereby only have to pay a labour cost. You should expect a price roughly 20 kura per 10x10 block area (top-down) of an existing structure. For buildings being built from scratch, texturing will automatically be applied and accounted for.


Please try and be as specific as possible with your Building Request. If you want the building to be built of lighter timber than the one next to it, say so. If you want it to look similar to an existing building, screenshot that building and say so. If you want checkered looking stone tile floor, say so. Please avoid generalisations; don’t say ‘large’ say 10x15. The build team will be trained to know the essential elements of the four basic cultures (Oserian, Northern, Drahl, Korsian) and these may be used in your description. Clearly marking out the site, providing screenshots, and well worded descriptions will greatly help out the Build Team.

An Example

Below, the example of the Windmere stables before and after a Building Request is given. The request asks “Please modify the Windmere Stables (screenshot attached) as I am unhappy with the general look of the building. I am happy with the structure size, but it needs an interior fitted out for horses, texturing of the stone and timber, and some modification of the external walls. Thank-you.” Figure 2. shows the initial structure, figure 3. shows the new exterior, and figure 4. shows the interior. Figure 1. Shows the price listed by the Build Team Leader, which was charged along with 35 kura in labour costs. This is a low price because the building was mostly complete by the player. String was used on the roof to make it appear as though the snow slides off the roof and does not build up. Straw and iron was demanded for the interior decoration.

Figure 1. An example materials request. 1stack oak logs, 1stack pine logs, 1stack dark oak logs, 1stack cobblestone, 1stack stone bricks, 32 wheat, 5 iron bars.

Figure 2. An example of a player built (survival) stable in Windmere player settlement prior to a Building Request post. Note the one-colour roof with snow, untextured cobble, and clashing timber walls.

Figure 3. The Windmere stables after the Building Request post. Note the textured stone and timber, modified exterior walls, and hidden string on the roof to prevent snow.​

Figure 4. The Windmere stables interior. Note the iron for lanterns and water trough, and the straw for horse feed.​

Building Request Application Format

Minecraft Username:

ToB Character Name:

Build Site Description: please provide screenshots of the site.

Build Request Details: please give specific description of what you would like to build here. If you would just like texturing, specify this here.

Additional Information: please offer any concerns you have about what you want to avoid, or additional screenshots of buildings similar to what you would like built.

The Building Request System v1.0
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