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The Drahl nation of Averlash

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Jun 9, 2020
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Majority culture of the nation (please include a subculture if any):
Drahl, then Northerner.

Name of the nation:

Is this a Minor or Major Nation?:
Minor Nation

Location of the nation’s capital (name of the castle, town or city):

Is this a new nation or a re-established one?:
New Nation

Name of the nation creator (Minecraft username and character name):
Faeborn - Mara-Lee Naiman

Name of the stronghold / settlement owner (Minecraft username and character name):
Faeborn - Mara-Lee Naiman

The nations core noble house:

Link to noble house application: (The Yaelkan Naiman Tribe)

State of independence at founding:
Independent Nation

Key Personnel (Keep this list updated for it to be valid in-game)

Nation leader - Princess
Mara-Lee Naiman

Duke(s) - Grand Princess
Not Large Enough

Count(s) - Princess
Mara-Lee Naiman

Regent(s) -
Ziad Naiman

Military head - Marshall

Religious head - Prophet
Nichola Naiman

Head Steward - Grand Archivist
Mara-Lee Naiman

Why is this nation being created?
With the growth of the neighboring nation and the constant danger looming over their land, Skyreach has elected to declare independence and to start it's own Government. With a rapidly increasing population, building count and wealth, the nation hopes to keep their neighbors in check, provide a safe Haven for people of all races and to ultimately serve as a major trade hub between the North and the Drahl lands who are right under it.

Future plans for the nation:
World domination
To serve and act as a main nation in the game. To provide safety to Drahl players and outcasts. To oppose tyranny of all sorts. To serve as a major trading hub between two regions and to eventually go Major.

Additional information:
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Sep 27, 2015
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Congratulations! Your nation application has been approved.

Your nation is now accepted and is part of the ToB canon.

As your nation is based in a player run settlement a donation chest will be placed next to your towns fast travel cart to pay nation expenses every two weeks.

Your house is granted the title of Petty Kingdom in the Thanedom of Norvaskr.
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