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The Free People of Kallalundt

May 28, 2020
Majority culture of the nation (please include a subculture if any): Northerner
(For example, Drahl - Krelkan, Oserian - North Oserian, Northerner - Midlands Folk)

Name of the nation: The Free People of Kallalundt
This name should optimally be related to the house leading the nation, or for example the aspirations of them or their people. Stray away from using cultural kingdom names, as that is seen as separate from nations. Examples nation names include; “The Krelkan Rebels” or “The Free People of Oseria”

Is this a Minor or Major Nation?: Minor Nation
Minor Nations are restricted to one country and cannot grow without either gaining independence or meeting the requirements of a Major Nation if independent already.

Location of the nation’s capital (name of the castle, town or city): Valdarr
Your nation must have a capital to be based in, this is either a player created settlement/stronghold or a server managed city. This can obviously change as time progresses. You may want to keep this up to date. (Keep in mind that if you only have a settlement and no stronghold, any attack on your capital will be an open-field battle.)

Is this a new nation or a re-established one?: New Nation
In most scenarios the answer will be a new nation. Re-establishing a nation means that you start up a nation again that has previously opted to defaulting (becoming a city state). If you are re-establishing a nation, post the link to the previous application here.

Name of the nation creator (Minecraft username and character name): Justmad1101/Asher Finton
This player can also be the castellan/mayor of the stronghold/settlement the nation is based in.

Name of the stronghold / settlement owner (Minecraft username and character name): Justmad1101/Asher Finton
If this is another person than the nation creator they have to post a reply to the application with their approval. (If city, you will need approval by an administrator.)

The nations core noble house: The Fintons
Nations are mostly important for OOC records and systems. The house tied to the nation will always be the same unless changed by the current nation leader. There can be more than one nation made by the same noble house.

Link to noble house application: (Justmad's Noble House Application)
The noble house application /should/ feature an up-to date list of all the current house members.

State of independence at founding: Independent
Nations can either be a “Vassal Nation” or an “Independent Nation”. Independent nations are created when a neutral settlement in a neutral county creates an accepted nation. If your nation has been created in the lands of another nation such as a settlement under a kings rule, it is simply a “vassal nation” and not independent. To gain independence when vassalized, you need to win a war or be granted independence.

Key Personnel (Keep this list updated for it to be valid in-game)
(One person can have multiple roles. If you want these titles to be different than the ones found in the nation system for your specified culture, then please specify below for each rank.)

Nation leader - Asher Finton
(This is the current leader of the nation, not the creator.)

Duke(s) -
(If any, include what duchy they own.)

Count(s) -
(If any, include what county they own.)

Regent(s) - Junica Ravenwood, Jasper Finton and Genvieve Clements
(These are trusted players that step in for the nation leader when offline.)

Military head - Junica Ravenwood
(In charge of running the official nation’s military and potentially overseeing the guard force if no one else is selected for that.)

Religious head - Asher Finton
(In charge of overseeing religious activity and furthering the religion. This is not the leader of the wider religion, just the player who belongs to the nation leader’s court.)

Head Steward - Junica Ravenwood
(In charge of collecting tax and selling estate for the nation leader. Can have other minor stewards underneath him to help him.)

Why is this nation being created?
Please write 1-2 in-depth paragraphs detailing the history of the group creating the nation. Also include theme and reason for its creation:

The Finton Clan was founded in 252 A.T after the North was reduced to a Kingdom once again. Although they were founded in 252 A.T. their family lineage can be traced back all the way to 413 B.T. It all started with Torgier Hakon, King of Valdarr, and a fierce warrior. He gained his power and land through many battles but became known in the Battle of Broken Wills. The Battle lasted 2 months and by the time it came to an end both sides were low on resources and many of their people had deserted. Torgier and his band of warriors charged the enemy but came to the realization the enemy was greatly outnumbered. Seeing this and adhering to the Northern code refused to kill them and instead invited them to join him. Now not only was Torgier seen as a fierce warrior but a great diplomat as well.

Hundreds of years passed and in 112 B.T The Kingdom of Valdarr was passed down to one of Torgier's descendants, Njord Bjork. He ruled the Kingdom well and helped Ardyn of Norvaskr unite the Kingdoms under one banner and create The Northern Union.

About three and a half centuries later in 252 A.T. when the North was reduced back to a Kingdom, Þorir Finton established the Finton clan. He is a descendant of Torgier and Njord Bjork, but his last name was changed to try and keep him away from the danger of ruling a Clan or Kingdom. He was the chieftain of his clan and was a brutal and vicious warrior. He helped the clan become known and was highly respected amongst his people.

As time went on the descendants of the Finton clan grew stronger and held high positions within the clan. In 982 B.T the ruler of the clan Sigmund Finton and his wife Valkyrie had twins, Asher and Jasper, who would someday take over the clan. As they grew up they lost their family to the plague and to murder. They ultimately decided to leave their town at 18, but they kept their family lineage in the back of their heads not forgetting where their family had come from and the power they hold.

After a year of living in Valdarr, Asher Finton decided to press his claims on the lands that were rightfully his because of his ancestors. He knew that to start creating a better North and to restore it to its former glory he would have to start with Valdarr. A place where all are welcome. A place where people can live happily and comfortingly. But before pressing his claims he made sure he had support from his Northern friends and some of his Oserian allies. He even got the support of his few Drahl friends. It is time for the Fintons to rise to their true potential and lead the people and the North in a good direction. The direction of change, peace, and prosperity.

Future plans for the nation:
Please write a paragraph detailing your hopes and plans for the nation.

Asher's plan for the nation is to hopefully make it into a major nation. He would like it to be a place where all are welcome and a place that is safe for all people. He hopes to expand the nation out of Valdarr and deeper into the Northern territory in the future. It is important for Asher to see the North return to its former glory and see it prosper peacefully as it did with his ancestors in charge. He has even talked to an Oserian Noble Woman to see if marriage could keep the peace between the two lands. He believes he and his brother Jasper have what it takes to fulfill these plans and show the people that the North can rise again. He sees the broken but rebuilding settlement of Valdarr and sees the North in the same light. What is broken must be rebuilt in a way that can not be broke again. Praise Valdarr! Praise The North!

Additional information:
This section can be used for additional information about the nation, if necessary.
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Congratulations! Your nation application has been approved.

Your nation is now accepted and is part of the ToB canon.

Until a system is established me personally (Lenaviea) will give you tax money gained from your city every two weeks.

Your house is granted the title of Petty Kingdom in the Thanedom of Valdarr.