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Oct 7, 2019
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Key Information:

Full Name: Alurra-Magda L'var
Nicknames: (TBD)
Ethnicity: Korsian/Shari
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age: 26
Profession: Bard, Sailor

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Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Coffee Brown
Skin: Dark tann
Height: 5'3"
Dominant Hand: Right

Description: Alurra is a short Korsian by appearance. Her father was Korsian though her mother was Shari. This shows through in her coffee brown eyes and short by comparison height. Her hair falls to just above her waist and is dark brown in color. She is almost always found carrying her instrument case on her side and has a few brightly colored, flowing sets of clothing that showcase her Korsian heritage. Despite her small stature, those who look a little beyond the flowing clothing can see Alurra is quite fit and well toned.

Alurra hardly ever partakes in any alcohol and is heavily against taking any sort of drug.
When Alurra does drink, it is quite apparent that she is very much a lightweight.
She taps her cheek when she is unsure
When silence fills the room she cannot help but to make some sort of noise. Wether this be tapping on the table, playing her instrument, or humming, there cannot be any silent moments with Alurra around.

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Favorite Color: Bright Green
Favorite Drink(s): Coffee
Favorite Place: Running Rivers/Busy Inns
Humor: Sardonic/Cheesy

Prized Possessions: You will never find Alurra without her instrument. She believes her instruments

Personality: Alurra is a bright soul with a passion for music and learning culture. Getting along with Alurra is an easy task. She is kind caring and is very willing to make friends with almost anybody. It is very hard to get on Alurra's bad side. The things she hates the most are people who are willing to openly hurt others without any real reason (wether this be physical or mental) and those who cannot appreciate music.

Beliefs: Alurra is a firm believer in the people. She believes a god exists, though she just doesn't believe whatever or whoever it is deserves to be worshiped. Though, she will respect other's beliefs and usually won't comment on it.

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R e l a t i o n s h i p s / T h o u g h t s.:
(If I missed you and you want added, give me a shout.
Uriya 'Uri' Akhbarzan: "Uri is kind of like my older brother. I met him wayyyy back in th' day when I first started travelin' 'bout and playin' music in inns and what not. Quite the clever conniving cr..reature- I still don't know how he does it so well. Anyway, a gifted poet and a dear friend. I'm glad to see he's made his way up to the north safely."

Mylo Dannak: "I've gotten t' know him a bit better. He is quite a polite man and is someone that I believe more people should strive to be like. Though, I've only just met him he enjoyed the music've my homeland and his hospitality toward me is almost unmatched. I worry the weight of 'King' is starting to burden his soul..."

Amund Gunderson: "A sweet man, much like his cousin Mylo. Been in contact with him, buyin' drinks and the like. I hope the lot of the Gundersons come through the Inn while I'm on shift. Sounds like a right good party that'd be."

Alexandre 'Alex' l'Olonnais: "Alex's got this thick accent that I can't.. quite seem to get half the time. He's does know how to keep a room talkin' however. Seemed to dress like one've those raider groups I saw on the ocean occasionally. I wonder if they're related at all.."

Genvieve 'Viv' Clements: "Quite the looker, took interest in my music, n' helped re-bandage my wounds when they needed done up. Hope she finds some fun in this ball me n' Eden will be planning. She's been down recently. Not lookin' t'get anything out of her or nothin', just hope she feels better soon."

Vytautas Hayha: "One've those regulars that comes by and tips well. Likes t' hear the Oserian side've my repertoire but seems to have enjoyed my other music as well. A military man.. guard, merchant? I still don't know too much 'bout him. Haven't seen him in quite some time."

Eden Lynn: "I believe Eden's the first person I met in the north. In her Inn, she patched me up for free after I got hurt and got me set up with a room. Real pretty gal, made me a dress, and has been a good friend to me. I'd really like t'get to know her a bit better."

Anne Dwells: "Haven't talked to her in quite some time. She must be busy with all th' responsibility of helpin' the King. Hope she's doin' well."

Adan Abdirahman: Korsian from Telth from what I've heard. A very sweet and generally nice guy. A musician, though I've only heard him play once. Real good from what I can tell. Has a thing goin' on with Cyrine.

Cyrine Ornaid: A young man that man's the stables. Has quite the collection of horses n' has helped me overcome my fear of the beasts. Seems to not get enough rest and is somewhat unsure of himself.

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