PENDING The Grulken (Expansion)


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Dec 17, 2015
~Lore Ideas Format~
Lore Creator(s): Original creator would be Bill. I expanded it a bit and I am hoping it will suffice.

Lore Inspiration (If any): Drahl lore/ Grulk

Lore (please be detailed, Must be AT LEAST 2-3 paragraphs,maximum of 10 ):


The Grulk first lived in the icy tundra of the Northern Summit. residing within the caves of the icy capped mountains in what outsiders would call a “primitive” lifestyle.

As war broke out among the subcultures, the Grulk were forced to move to Krelkan lands.


The Grulk see hygiene and cleanliness as a form of weakness, so it will be extremely rare to see a clean Grulk. Their hair is kept unkempt and straggly along with their beards. Upon their bodies are pelts of animals, plants, and sometimes even clothes of their defeated enemies. Eye colors range from dark green to a light blue. Hair colors are mainly black or brown, though it is not uncommon for their hair to be tinged with red,although, that is usually blood from their enemies. All grulken are presumed to be very dumb and unintelligent, but that is not entirely true. Just because they are primitive doesn’t mean they are unable to outwit someone. Many travelers have assumed so and regret doing so in their afterlife.

Average Height: 6’ to 7’

Average weight: 290-315 lb.

Survival and Intentions

The Grulk survive off of animals that they hunt for food and clothing that are gained by raiding Krelkans. They create weapons from bones of animals, stone, and sometimes even weapons they stole from weary travelers. Their shelters consist of hollowed out damp caves/caverns or abandoned mines. The grulk absolutely hate “normal” homes that other subcultures live in (Non-primitive homes) and usually always destroys them in raids or tries to.

The grulk see the non-primitives as weaklings for not submitting to simplicity and living like spoiled men and women. They also have a deep hatred for the subcultures for the mistreatment and slaughter of the Grulken subculture. They intend to make sure their subculture will wreak havoc upon the spoiled people and kill whoever stands in their way.

Origin story

Long ago, the Northerners traveled south to join the Oserian Empire. But this caused what was to be known as the biggest war that had plagued the realm. The Grulken subculture as a whole was getting slaughtered by them and were forced to push themselves into Krelkan lands. The Krelkan’s did not welcome the Grulken with open arms, mainly because their animals were being slaughtered and their homes that are outside of their protection were being raided by Grulken tribes. To this day, they remain as bitter enemies that will not come to an agreement for peace.


Each name was given to certain grulken groups by outsiders, no knows what they actually go by.

Berserks- They are one of the most feared Grulkens in the Northern Summit. When they have the chance to fight, they will make sure their blood-curdling war cries are the first to be heard when they charge into battle. The symbol of the tribe is a blood-red skull with an axe embedded into the top.

Deadly Wolves - The Deadly wolves, known for their crafting of deadly primitive weapons/traps from their surroundings. Animal bones, wood, stone, whatever they have available. The symbol of the tribe is a orange wolf’s head crossed with two bones.

War-Hand - This tribe is not very famous within the Northern Summit.. The War hand may be made up of Grulken, but the grulken within this tribe are the “smartest” of the subculture. They devise battle plans for the other two tribes for certain raids that may prove to be difficult. Their symbol is a handprint of black upon white with three horizontal lines above it.

Groups/people/nations affected by lore: Mainly the Krelkan, but those who stumble upon certain areas the Grulken decide to lurk will be affected.

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Dec 17, 2015
There is no such thing as "king of the Grulken" or "lord of the Grulken". The Grulken are separated by tribes/clans, but the strongest of the most feared clan would be considered a "leader". The Grulken respect the strongest warrior of said tribe, but they will not hesitate to try and test the warrior's might to see if they can have a chance at being the strongest. (A fight to the near-death) However, most tribes will follow the strongest warrior if rewards and splendors will follow their raids led by him/her.

All outsiders are looked down upon by Grulken. If an outsider managed to try and "tame" a Grulken, it will be impossible due to the way he/she has been living. It is possible to befriend a Grulken, but their form of friendship is warped and may lead up to the outsider being stabbed in the back. To them, a friend is someone they can benefit from for a short time and to get rid of later.


It is true a Grulken does not have any form of tongue, but by simply hitting their own chest a certain way may have a different meaning than their casual grunts and growls.

1 fist slammed into the center of the chest- It means 'accept' or 'Yes' (if it is accompanied with a nod).

2 fist slammed into the center of the chest- It means, 'I challenge you' or 'Fight'. (Usually accompanied with a growl)

If a Grulken head-butts another Grulken, it is form of a twisted kinship (At first they may seem like kin, but in reality, there is no kinship. It's pretty much the strongest Grulken does as he wishes).

(OOC Note: If the particular captured player does not wish to have a lot of gore emoted, then a fade to black is to take place)

Although it is rare, if an unfortunate person is brought captive to a Grulken's home they are not going to have great hospitality.

Though they are not smart, that doesn't mean they don't dislike games.

Rumor has it that two Grulken grab each side of their victim and play tug of war with him/her until the poor victim is ripped apart.

Also victim may be strapped down and clubbed to death or mutilated with sharp objects.

Sep 7, 2015
I am going to leave this pending whilst I discuss this with fellow lore team members. I am unsure if this is what we need for release and maybe could come later with a few amendments.