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ACCEPTED The Ibahesh - The Royal Cavalry Order of Kharman

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Jul 11, 2019
The Ibahesh - The Royal Cavalry Order of Kharman
As told by Mehmet Ibn Al Ghazeem - Steward of House Vespin
I cannot cite when it all started, but my lord was worried at the time when the rebuilding of Velith felt just right. Every day i saw our great Emir's face filled with everlasting worry and anxiety. I did not see any reason why back then. Velith was flourishing with both local and foreign merchants, ships were coming and going each minute, and the prince received both a son from his first wife AND his concubine. Despite all of this, and my attempts to make my lord feel at ease, something was worrying him, and we would not tell me.


At one night, all royal families and the most powerful merchants were summoned at our Emir's demand. I was told to be both discrete, because nobody else at court may hear it, and insisting to those receiving the Emir's summoning. At that evening, the king suspected everyone of treason and attempted assassination, and it looked like he was losing his mind. He demanded his most trusted Fariq brothers to form an order. An order of the most skilled, fortunate and loyal horse riders.

Without the main court knowing (if nobody from that council told anyone), the Fariq brothers slowly started picking out the best of the best, with all patience they had. Finally i knew why my lord was filled with worry. He fears of Hashashini, deadly, gold-craving assassins, coming for his head, in exchange for all the gold in the world.


Strangely enough, among the knightly recruits, they picked a youngster too. Very young. His first chin hairs growing and cannot even hold a scimitar properly. When the first training sessions were started (in secrecy, with me to observe for the king himself), they even has a name for the young boy. They called him Ibahè (Sheep, in Norvian tongue). Little did we all know of the boy, only that he was the son of a poor herdsman, and the fact he was constantly bullied and harassed by his Goodia's (Comrades, in Norvian tongue).

Training went on and on, and despite the fact young Ibahé was being pushed down by his knightly brothers, he didn't gave up. I started to like him, somehow, and i decided to defend him here and there, warning the other Cavalry trainees that disrespect among each other equals disrespect for the Emir, and even the sun! Things still didn't work out as expected, but all seemed to change when the Emir would soon come to see their Trial, and to pick his most blessed for his royal knighthood.

All soldiers were equipped and prepared by the Emir's standards. They were trained to become both spear wielding riders and horseback archers respectively. Every trial attendee was equipped with such weapons and high quality scale armor, together with a medium sized shield carrying the family crest and a scimitar. The trials went well and the Emir was ready to choose his first members of the Royal cavalry. Beforehand, he said the following:


"By the grace of the sun, the first who i shall pick shall be honored in all eternity, as his name will be the name of this order.". All recruits started whispering to each other, suggesting on how the order would be named. After a few minuted i asked the high Fariq for his trainees to stand by in formation. Minutes, feeling like hours, passed as the Emir took a glance to all his future royal cavalry guards, stopping at little Ibahè.

All other recruits were hastily shocked. "My Lord, I-" uttered one, before he realized he had to keep his mouth shut. My lord looked the young sheep herder's son right in the eye. "Boy. You look small, you look weak, you look fragile, and you look poor... And yet you stand before me, proven your trials and ready to serve me with your life. Why should i pick you as the name of my order?". The king asked slowly...

With nerves surrounding him, he uttered: "I- I don't know my lord. I- I guess that's not my choice to make. I'm only here to protect and serve you."

The Emir gave him a deep look into his eyes, almost reaching the soul of little Ibahè. Then he ordered his guards to take him to the ceremony altar. As the boy was put there, with a little resistance in fear of being taken away, the Emir said the following: "My loyal steward has seen you training, has seen you falling, and saw you stand up again. Young man, i will only ask this once...".

My lord became silent for a moment, only to hear the other recruits mumbling and giggling towards Ibahè. "SILENCE!" Yelled the Emir. "Tell me your name, herdsman.". He knew the boy who they name and treat like a sheep was a herdsman's son. "The-, They call me Ibahè, sir.". The King demanded more introduction of Ibahè, and so he continued: "My name is Abdul. Son of a herdsman without a family name. My father has told me to end his nameless legacy, and to change my life..." The boy told more and more, and the Emir listened closely...

"No- My lord. You cannot do this. He is but a coward. He is weak. He is-". One of the recruits was smacked on the back of his head by a guard before he could finish his sentence. "So, you wish to be called Ibahè eh?" Said the Emir. "Well then..."


The king took a ceremony knife, giving it to Ibahè. "In the name of the sun and in name of the sun only, i will present thee this young man to be my first servant and the forming of the Golden Herdsmen. From today until the end of eternity, The Kharman Golden Herdsmen of Ibahesh shall forever serve me and my successors.". He then allowed Ibahè to cut the palm of his hand.

It was then to me to finalize the ceremony with the High Mogh. As instructed, i called out loud with him: "Ahakh'Thela! The Sun has greeted you.". Everyone called out after him: "I greet the sun! Thela'Ahakh!"

From that day one, a herdsman was trained and put in service to be the head of what people nowadays call, the Ibahesh. I will probably be dead by then, but i am sure the Ibahesh will serve more families than just this one. No family rules an Emirate forever, but I am sure the Ibahesh will exist forever. And about Abul? Or, Ibahè. He grew out to become the right kind of soldier for the Emir, as the Ibahesh became both the royal guard and a policing force, serving as elite guards when time demands it.
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