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The Jewels of Jarl Thorson

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The Jewels of Jarl Thorson
Jarl Thorson, the cursed man, lived before the end of the previous Northern kingdom. His family ruled over the Jarldom of Valdarr in its final time. For years, Thorson was suspected of having committed heinous acts against The Five, such as overeating, and having a violent temper. His reign was a harsh one, wherein he continued policies of forced conscription instigated by his own father during their fight against Krelkar. When the plague hit, Thorson shut his roads down from the capital, and was not heard from for ages. It was not until the people of Esna resettled Valdarr that he was known to the world again.

On display in his family’s crypt built beneath the Great Hall of Valdarr was his crown, placed just above his body. This crown, Blackened Gold inlay with sapphires and rubies, is a precious item like hardly any other. It has been fought over by even Northern High Kings in years past. It is said the crown was passed from the first Jarl of Valdarr, and assumed to be a part of its rulership since. Even when the Oserians subjugated the North, they took the crown. During Balor’s rebellion, it was said that an ancient ancestor of Thorson, Jarl Gundriks, snatched the crown from the royal palace, with no other northerners the wiser. The years came and went, but with the rise of High King Gramel, Thorson’s ancestor Jarl Torgier, assumed control of Valdarr, pledging his allegiance to Gramel, now known as “Longwinter”, in exchange for the ancient crown. It has stuck in the Thorson line since, keeping the family in their seat of power until recently. Now, it sits in the hands of an Oserian.
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