The Legend of the Crookmire Mossback Swine


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Jul 11, 2019
The Legend of the Crookmire Mossback Swine
A Fabled Bestiary of Drahl Origin
Suggested by Adam, also known as the Byrne Boi, or Old Jagar

Tales from the first Drahl collectives tell of a mammal, similar to modern time pigs, living underground, isolated from mankind itself. They have many names: Miner Swine, Shroom-Hog, Swamp Boar, and Mossback. There is no modern proof of Mossbacks living around Esna, and they probably never existed, but from the Kushka Mountains until the borders with Korsia and the North, the tale of Mossbacks is a well told fable back in the times before Tsarra.

It is believed Mossbacks are close relatives to normal pigs, swines and boar, yet there are many differences. First of all, they have an shroom-like skull on the outside of their forehead. This to protect themselves and to dig through the underground they live in. The similar pig-like body parts, like a snout, four strong legs, and a curly tail make them look like regular pigs, but the most fascinating part is it's mossy fur on the back. Typically Drahl superstition goes around that the moss of these fables creatures are a cure to many ailments, and that the first Kova was made out of the Mossback's fur.

Records also tell of the behavior of Mossbacks. Like pigs, they tend to live in groups, but underground. They tend to eat mostly plant roots and underground mushrooms. They must submerge their snouts in the dirt in order to gather such foods. Their outside skull is used to break rocks, which are somehow a nice snack for Mossbacks once broken into smaller pieces. Some Drahl fables go so far that they like to eat gems, such as emeralds and diamonds, only to be found within their droppings, more polished than ever.

Their excrement is said to be so fertile, that a single handful can grow a dozen mushrooms in a few hours, and can grow a tree in an instant. This nutritious value is probably the reason why so many Drahl folk tell me that Mossbacks eat their own excrement, wash their fur with it, and so on. That's why Mossbacks live most of their time in their giant cultivation cesspits, living from their own bodily waste and the harvest of both small and giant mushrooms. If you find yourself on fertile soil, chances are there you are living underneath a giant Mossback Cesspit

Anyway, this is a general summary of the many fables, tales and sagas of the Mossback Swine. If they do exist, they would be one big asset for the thousands of farmers around the world.
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