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The Naiman Tribe
The Forever: The Naiman Tribe founding is unknown even to its current members. It has always existed in their mind, being passed down from generation to generation. It is in fact, one of the oldest Yaelk tribes in the world, and some even report it as the tribe to have burned down Sin Kath, although this fact is unknowable. The earliest known history of the Naiman's comes from stories passed down through their wise men, often quite embellished with tales of heroism and bravery. One such tale is the tale of Kharvas, the Scorcher. He sacked the great city of the torturous heathens and burned it to the ground. His arrow pierced through the heart of their emperor, and as a sign of his strength, he bathed the steps of their palace in his blood, and when asked if he would stay upon the throne, he had only one thing to say. "To get fat? No." Years that followed told of many great raiders that attempted to sack the cities of Elios and Norvaskr, but none were as successful. During the great siege of Elios, the Naiman seer named Toghemur the guiding spirit played a pivotal role in securing the retreat of several other Yaelkan tribes. Things would not be easy for the Yaelk, and their hardest years were to come, as the other major powers hunted their bretheren down until nearly the last. Gerelma, the wise woman, saved the last of the Naiman's people by hiding them in the sacred caves of Moletuk, in the far south. Thus, the tribe survived, and eventually, as a more peaceful version of itself, was allowed to leave the caverns.
The Change: When the teachings of Tsarra reached the tribe, it was fairly easy to integrate their belief in the sky mother with the all mother that is Tsarra. They had previously practiced herbalism as a method to commune with their ancestors, and with Tsarra's healing only reinforcing their beliefs, they saw her as a earthly aspect of the sky mother, her gift to the world. They spread along the entirety of Esna, making themselves great again, avoiding most of the larger powers, except for the Empire of Tsarra. Around the time of upheaval within that empire, the Naiman warrior Khudu took initiative to head to the great mountain and watch the empire burn from heaven. His hubris would cost the tribe however once the settled lands of the north stopped their bickering amongst each other. The Naiman tribe was nearly completely enslaved and destroyed. Battsetseg, spirit seer of the tribe, was the only one who gave their spirits any hope during this time of hardship, as their lands were completely overrun by Oserian Soldiers. By the end of the hardships, most of the Naiman had been raised Oserian and lost a sense of identity.
The New Way: With their new Oserian and Yaelk roots, the tribe became more pacifistic in nature, broken if you will. The great Dayanal (Daniel) Naiman led the people from the cities of Oseria to the countryside, where they began to trade in sheep, cattle and horses. On occasion, they would even fight with the Oserians to prevent bloodshed between their people. Many of the Naiman settled in cities, and can hardly be called Naiman anymore, but many blended aspects of the Oserian culture into their way of life, having a more centralized leadership and calling their mounted warriors Kurnits, an equivalent to the oserian 'Knight'. They even adopted their traditions of Marriage and salvation, blending them into their beliefs on religion. Marriage of course, in the Naiman tribe, need not be monogamous, but to not marry was to abandon the woman for worse. For better or worse, the tribe kept most of its traditional Yaelk ways, and traveled along the great plateau in southern Esna.
The Crisis: When the plague hit, Ziad and Nichola Naiman's father Erdeni led the tribe to the most Isolated parts of the plateau, but they were still heavily affected, as trade needed to be conducted with the cities of Esna. Erdeni passed away about 20 years ago, and simultaneously, without much issue, Ziad was voted to head the tribe in its future. Nichola would be its wise man. The tribe in time learned to trade with the Northerners, where the plague was very sparse. This all backfired when the great storm Rithgar hit, and the tribe was split from within, some trapped in the north, and some stuck down south, even in the Oserian blockade.
Values and customs:
Family and Structure: Above all else, the Naiman value family and the bond it brings them. Members of the tribe are expected to act for the good of the rest of the tribe. The Tribal chief leads the family alone, without question, and is the sole authority. Challenging the chief's deciison means an honorable contest must be taken. Wives were brought for each of the sons, while daughters are often married off to others. The Naiman's valued their women more than most other Yaelkan tribes, seeing them as connected with the mother, although some form of tradition exists here. Having a son marry is seen only slightly better than having a daughter marry. The family the daughter married into could potentially be absorbed into the tribe, but it was more likely for the son's wife to become part of the tribe. When one tribe absorbed another, it became the "Elder" of that tribe, and as such, the Naiman titles often came with the association of age. The herd would be split upon a man's death between his children, with elder children recieving more, unless otherwise told by the tribe, which was not very often. In traditional Yaelkan culture, lands would be split upon death, but the Naiman's have changed so that all goes to the chieftain, who is obligated to give portions to his subjects, otherwise they can declare him seperated from heaven's gaze.
Games and Hobbies: Each and every person is expected to learn horse riding and the bow, as according to traditions. To help with the training, every summer, the Naiman's hold games where they test their strength and horse riding abilities. An archery contest is held to keep their skills sharp. They regularly hunt as well for both food, and to keep themselves sharp. This is all done to help maintain the mobility of the tribe. The tribe lives in easy to assemble tents that can be put up and down within twenty minutes, apart from the fire. You are expected to maintain around four horses to help carry the burdens of the tribe, as well as a flock of sheep for clothing and food. This value of speed and strength means that most Naiman's love living under the open sky. Contests are held to maintain the strength of the tribe, including horse riding, archery, and wrestling. Hunting is also a good way of supplementing the tribe's food, and training better warriors. Disputes are often settled in many of these contests. Drinking mare's milk is common for the Naimans, like most other Yaelk tribesmen.
Laws of the Tribe:
1. Do not hurt your fellow tribesman physically without being ordained by heaven.
2. Do not fall against the Naiman tribe, or you will be cast upon the stones.
3. Do not fall to the earth when dying, let yourself be ascended to heaven's peaks.
4. Do not question your Chief, unless he has fallen from heaven.
5. Understand your seer in all things, and heed his advice.
6. Do not harm a Naiman wife or husband.
7. Do not take another Naiman's possession.
8. Take a woman into the tribe before bedding her, make her your wife. You can claim one as your concubine according to ancient traditions.
9. Do not lie to another Naiman.
Most of these laws are punishable by death.

Tribal Cohesion:
Separation and Conjunction: When the tribe grows too large, it often splits apart, and births a second tribe. This tribe is considered inferior and subservient of the Naiman tribe, albeit they will follow a different figure into battle. The Naiman chief is still considered head of the people. When the tribe grows too small, subservient tribes can be absorbed into the Naiman tribe, and it will grow again. Keep a balance of people in the tribe to exalt it to heaven. Non-tribals can be married into the tribe, and their children will inherit the role of a Naiman.
Duties and Benefits: The Tribe will help its members, and its members will help the tribe. Duties are expected to be carried out from all corners of the tribe, but in exchange, you will learn great skills of the bow and the horse. Within the Naiman tribe, you will be family, and you will be home. You will always be accepted with the tribe, no matter where you wander.
You do not have to be a Yaelk to be a Naiman, but you must believe in the Naiman way of life, a harsh one that is always moving. You must always be loyal to the Naiman tribe, and no others.

Members of Note:
Seer (Merkhas) - Nichola (Mingkolda) Naiman
Patriarch (Terkhan) - Ziad Naiman

Ex Members - Marshal (Cherbi) - Mara-Lee Naiman (Chabot)

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