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ACCEPTED The Naiman's Song

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Sep 21, 2017
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This song is not yet complete. More will be added as the Naiman tribe takes up new chapters and new adventures in their life.

It is customary that when a Yaelk moves from one point to another that his tribe creates a story that strikes at the heart of what they were experiencing at the time. This is the story of the Naiman tribe and their time in Valdarr. The link is the inspiration and how the song sounds.


The White-Pine Finch
In a time of restless change
There was a bottomless blue lake
At the end of the world with
An uninhabited beautiful land.
When the springtime came
The migrant birds returned to the lake.
They were flying and singing
From far far away place
To make a new home
As they had done before.
The lake waved joyfully as its children grew.
They rejoiced and sang all night.
Then came the summer, the birds
They spoke and sang, holding and
Caring for each other, but then they knew.
The white pine finch’s beauty spread.
It spread its wings but found no kin
It sang its sad song, wisdom imparted.
The lake shared its song, similar in tune.
Through the waters below
Its wisdom would be shared and stored
Never forgotten, but this was not the birds place.
It raised its wings and met a friend
Before moving on again, as they always do
Because traveling is what they adore
And a new home is what they need.


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