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May 28, 2020
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The Outcasts: Protectors of Esna
What are we? A ragtag group of adventurers (consisting of Avarice Ward, Michael J. Thornsby, and the Finton brothers) that go dungeon diving and questing together. We tend to work together and help however we can.

Who is in charge? Jasper Finton... er... me. Asher is a close associate.

What are our goals? To help the people of Esna however we can without involving all of the politics that comes with mercenaries and kings. Queens, too, I suppose. We wish to ensure the safety of the commoners and ensure their success! Although, we may get side tracked by promising dungeons and the such.

How can you request help? Simple! Just contact any member (as listed below) and ask what it will take to receive aid. We work mostly for free, but depending on the task we may ask for a reward or some sort of trade (and maybe your loyalty).

How can you join? Talk to me. Jasper. I'm always looking for a new face. Typically I am found around Valdarr, but if I am not found there is a mailbox with my name on it. Feel free to leave a letter in there.

About us
Avarice Ward: A kind yet capable woman who knows her way around a fight even though it doesn't seem it. Though led by morals, she is willing to do what is necessary and can watch your back.

Michael J. Thornsby: A compassionate and interesting type. He is a chastized, ex-noble that loves women, alcohol of any kind, and being overly optimistic. In my opinion, he was annoying at first but... he grows on ya.

Asher Finton: My twin brother. If anyone knows his way around a blade out of us, it is him. A strategist through and through, I trust him to ensure his group's safety as we adventure through the dangerous and unknown.

Jasper Finton: That's me. I'm the head of this group but that does not make me a fighter. For one, I prefer bows to a blade, but before that I would like to use words. While adventuring, that isn't quite useful so I make up for it with a natural skill to bring people together and lead.

We hope you consider joining our noble mission and bid you a safe farewell.
*This is a paper put into countless mail boxes, into countless tents, and into whatever hands the group could find in the area.*
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