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OFFICIAL The Phirien Order

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Aug 30, 2015
Nation Document
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Name of the nation:

- The Phirien Order

Nation Status:

- Independent

Nation Culture:

- Northern

Current location of the nation’s capital:

- Windmere

Key Personnel
(Keep this list updated by replying to this thread for it to be valid in-game, please tell us the minecraft and character name)

Current nation leader:

- Kiev_WR (Kiev Phirien) - Thane

Current nation regent (able to make document changes on the leader's behalf):


Duke(s) - Jarl (Jarldom)


Count(s) - Thane (Thanedom)

- Kiev_WR (Kiev Phirien) - Thane

Military head - Warden


Religious head - High Seer


Head Steward - Huskarl


Tax and Economy

Economic Standing:

- Good


Current Capital:

- (Windmere (Village), 100 Kura)

Protection status:

- (Protected)

Current counties controlled:

- Thanedom of the Shattered Coast

Current settlements protected:

- None

Current settlements unprotected:

- (Windmere (Village), 100 Kura)

Current siege weapons maintained:

- None

Total maintenance every two weeks:

- 100 for one thanedom
- 100 for one protected settlement
- 200 total
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