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The Saint Downing Garrison Wants YOU!

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Oct 15, 2019
United Kingdom

[All around Downwater Crossing, the sound of hammers slamming nails into trees and noticeboards rung throughout the town. Various posters all depicting the same wording and format were posted around the small community, a platinum blonde northerner even going so far as to hand some of these fliers out personally.]

Good people of Downwater, you all know that living in this town brings a constant feeling of dread. When will there be another attack? Are we truly safe? What of our families?
There is no longer a need to worry, not with the creation of the Saint Downing Garrison, that is.

And we want YOU to join us!

Decreed into existence by the good Mayor Vanessa Silverhand, only the best of the best have been chosen to lead our warriors onto a righteous and lawful path. Marcus Blackadder, now the Grand Commander Blackadder, and Nikolas Telford, Commander Telford, will be leading the Garrison and upholding the law in our tiny little town.

If you're interested in this proposition, you can find us on the ninth of November at 10 pm and prove yourself a capable warrior by going through an extensive obstacle course, vigorous training exercises, and many more surprises yet to be revealed.
Signed by,

Vanessa Silverhand, Mayor.
Selvie Atwood, Steward of the Mayor.

Feel free to respond to this thread in character.
The recruitment event will be hosted on the 9th of November, Saturday, at 10pm London Time.
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