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The South Oserian Quarantine Act

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Aug 30, 2015
- Years ago as the plague raged on, A lone figure creaked and snapped as they slowly approached a noticeboard, several pieces of wood had been broken and warning messages splattered the board. The figure ripped one of the pieces of parchment from the rotting wood, their bloodied eyes strained as they read the message, a promise of a long forgotten past. -

The South Oserian Quarantine Act


The Oserian Crown Court under the supervision of the King himself has ruled that the Grand Duchy of Tarishaw, located in the southernmost part of the Oserian Kingdom, to be a high risk threat towards the rest of the continent of Esna. The recent outbreak of The Great Death which has stemmed from the damned and sickly Duchy has swiftly prompted this unfortunate action.

It has therefore been declared that a highly guarded quarantine will be set up around the entirety of Tarishaw and Southern Oakenbri. The quarantine zone is set to be in effect immediately, as of 965 A.T.

It has been decided that specialists selected by the court will be sent into the zone regularly to eradicate the area of The Great Death, to help the citizens caught within and to preserve as many lives and materialistic values as possible.

Anyone caught attempting to leave the zone will be judged as breaching the law of the quarantine act and will therefore be sentenced to death, effective immediately.

Only The Oserian Crown Court in its royal glory has the power to disband this quarantine act once the southern counties have been established as neutral and secure regions cleansed of The Great Death.

King Edmund II, of house Cainforth
965 A.T.

- The figure lay slumped against the noticeboard, motionless and still. Gripping the notice in hand. -

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