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The splintered Crest


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Dec 17, 2015
((A story about two clans warring against each other))
The Splintered Crest

Upon the oaken gates of the Sundrina clan’s hall were dwarves, dwarves that were armored, the Sundrina clan crest upon their backs and painted upon their bearded faces. They were reinforcing the gate against their rival clan, The Orlendrin Clan. The battering ram smashed into the door with a crippling “BOOM!” every blow caused the dwarves against the gate to be pushed back, but they quickly assumed their previous positions to brace the gate. The Clan hall was very large and spacious, it stretched for hundreds and hundreds of feet and rumors spread that within the hall’s treasury was overflowing with gold, gems, and treasures beyond a dwarf’s wildest desire.

A sound of the gate splintering filled the room along with dwarven battle cheers coming from the Orlendrin clan. The Sundrina clan fell back and prepared themselves for a charge, letting the Orlendrin clan stagger through the broken debris of what used to be the front gate. In the front line of the Sundrina defense was dwarves known as, Belrim, Druinin, Olif, and Odrin. There were also dwarves that were not a part of the clan, but were practically family to the clan and decided to ally with them. Behind them to back them up was, Orrin, Dungrin, Bilkk Tolim, and Nain. All of the Sundrina clan were armed to the teeth. The front line had pikes and shields with the clan crest painted upon them. On their belts were dwarven war-axes. In the back line, the dwarves had throwing axes, crossbows, or throwing knives. Druinin yelled at the top of his lungs in dwarven, [Dwarven], “Sons of Sundrina, fight with all you have got! Today, we will be victorious!” At this, the Sundrina clan defense let out a hearty, [Dwarven] “For the Sundrina Clan! ARUU ARUUU! ARRUUU!”

The Orlendrin clan surged forward with a loud clash of armor and weapons, several dwarves on both sides were impaled upon pikes and swords, pains of agony filled the hall. Odrin shouted, signaling the back to support them, [Dwarven] “NOW”! The back line of dwarves threw / shot their projectiles, sharp objects of various sorts embedded into the bodies of the Oldendrin clan, dwarves on both sides falling dead with each surge forward and retreat back. The Sundrina clan slowly edged backwards, their pikes extended to ensure the retreat to hold some more ground was successful. But two dwarves stayed in front of the pikes, and that was a dwarf known as, Orrin Laf Sundrina, and Nain Sundrina. Nain continues to clash and fight against the enemy, his face contorted with anger and pride of his loyalty to the clan, for which he would gladly die for. But suddenly, crossbow wielders came into view on the enemy side, pulling back the crossbow strings, several loud clicks are heard as they do so. Orrin bravely charged forward, letting an axe fly from his hand into the neck of one of the crossbowmen, shoving Nain backwards, the defense opening up slightly for them. Nain made it safely behind the defense, except Orrin and part of the front line. A flurry of crossbow bolts shimmered into half of the front line, embedding into shields but tragically ending some of the lives of the Sundrina clan’s allies in a spray of blood and crunch of armor. The defense hurled many knives and axes to compensate for their loss, many cried out pain emit from the Olendrin clan’s side and the Sundrina clan’s side. Orrin laid in between the two sides that don’t dare to move for the sake of keeping their lives. The dwarf was laying in his own blood, groaning loudly in pain, two crossbow bolts sticking out of his right calf. Orrin slowly crawled towards his clan, leaving a slight blood trail. He would never be able to walk properly again, if he were to survive. Taunts and Jeers emitted from Oldendrin, making fun of the cripples dwarf. Druinin’s face boiled and turned a deep shade of red, his anger very clear, for the dwarf upon the ground, was one of his many sons, but one of his favored. With the shield in front of him and his axe born high, he charged forward to aid his son. [Dwarven] “On me Sundrina! Go forth and push them back! Aruuuuu!” The entire defense of Sundrina surged forward, occasional battle cries in dwarven came from a few dwarves, though, the most common one was a simple blood curdling war cry most dwarves were familiar with. “AAAAARRRRGGGH!” Druinin made sure Orrin made it out of harm’s way of their stampeding charge. The Olendrin clan was taken by surprise and their numbers were cut down by axes, swords, and thrown weapons. They began to retreat, their backs toward their enemies and they fled away from the clan hall, defeated. The Sundrina clan let out a loud and joyous victory cheer in dwarven. “[Dwarven] Sundrina Forever, Hurrah Hurrah! Long Live Sundrina, Long live the clan master!”

The injured on both sides were gathered by the Sundrina clan and taken to the infirmary, whether they be Oldendrin on Sundrina. Though, the injured Olendrin clan members were forced to disown their clan for abandoning them and either join their clan or publically humiliated. Most of them did not break and were publically humiliated, losing their dignity and honor all at once. Thankfully, none of the clansmen of Sundrina were killed due to their strong abundant resource of allies. But Orrin, the brave/loyal dwarf that took two crossbow bolts for his brother, nearly died from loss of blood. Orrin laid upon a bed of wool and stone for many weeks, unconscious from the pain, his right leg heavily bandaged and slightly bloody. The dwarven doctors were unable to fully fix his leg and sooner or later Orrin’s leg healed over and stayed deformed/mangled on the inside. From then on, he always walked with a limp and still does to this day.

That day went down into clan history, a tale told by dwarves young and old who were familiar with the past. The day where the Olendrin Clan’s greediness only got them slaughtered and defeated, by the mighty Sundrina clan. A day, of true brotherhood and victory, for those who are faithful to their kin.