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The Tale of Old Sergei


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Jul 11, 2019
The Tale of Old Sergei
A late night conversation with an Elder Drahl

[Sairoshka Malady Starozhi, also known as Sergei]

Sergei, the Norvian naming for Sairoshka, is a Drahl broozka who led a whole life before settling in the North. We met while he traveled around, recently hearing the rumors of him being ambushed by the Children of the One. Most of the rumors were right, as he barely survived the attack. "Beled, them Dvazi dogs.", he said. "With an arrow they did, swivt work they made of me Donkeh Oksana.". He only just started his merchant years a few years ago.

The tale went on and he described how his already weak back even got hurt more when falling on the ground, and that playing dead became even more difficult with both his nerves and his aching back work being both a problem. Eventually, the probably young and naive cult members didn't need long to be convinced, as they left within a minute.

The conversation went on and he told me he was settling with a business in Windmere, a Drahl-styled tavern with the opportunity to smoke and drink. "Me saved it, me last money. With me donkeh, I buried it.", he told me.

The conversation went on, along with the company of a bottle of corn liquor. Sergei told basically about his life, and it went like this:
"In a village in Crookmire, me was born. Fishermen, my Mah and Dah were. I never learned to write until I was much older.". In between, he had to wipe a tear from his eye. "My home, me miss. Everything. Mah, Dah, Broozkas and Svesta's, and me love.".

"You had a wife?" Asked I out of suprise. "Oy", he continued.

"A slicer, Me became for the local Militia. Taught me to fight, and hunt. Most slicers used Kleev, I used the Chops. Me Tavarish and I did many times Kushka when we were young and off duty. ". He told more and more about his younger days as a soldier, ending up that part with the conversation that his military unit got disbanded due to political reasons.

He did do some work on the side as a pirate, and it became even more when his unit disbanded. "The best Chopsman me was, took many heads, earned many gold". He even met his life's love on a ship. "Oyy Beled. Sweet Dana, the blessed night, me cannot count back." It seems that they spent at least a dozen years together. The way how he explains Dana's looks, reminds me more of a Korsian than a Drahl.

Anyway, his story went on, already defining himself after his piracy era as a jack of all trades, but master of none. He had quite a few jobs in his life, varying from a tradesman, the assistant of a Oserian shopkeeper, a Kushka smuggler, a mercenary, or hired guard, a Innkeeper's second best, and in bare times he even took the dark arts of a thief as his trade, often stealing from Korsian merchants sleeping at camp. There were times he even had to murder, and he sat in prison for some of his sins.

[An Example of a village where Sergei could have come from.]

"My wife's eyes, and a thick belly, I remembered before i was gone." Sergei told while wiping another tear from his eye. He wanted to take a good gulp on his Corn Liquor, but i insisted on waiting. The further the story went, the more came true about that he never saw his wife again. "Me unborn brat. My son walks this land, me beliefs." As i hear the conversation further, i believe his son would be around his twenty-fifth birthday by now. "In this life, or next, me prays to Tsarra to see my little Yosif one day.", he said while settling for a light beer instead of Corn Liqor. By the Five, i'm used to much, but this Drahl Bog-pit drink would be considered a challenge to Hedren himself.

While drinking a nice, cold Frisgöter, he told me he could not resist joining a pirate's life again. "Me was still young, had spirit.", he said, but this time he became the first mate of a medium sized gang. "t'was me old Tavarish from Crookmire. He gave me purpose. Bad, but good." He said, continuing talking about legendary tales of his last Piracy adventures.

The moon was almost gone, and the Innkeeper asked us to grand him an early one, since his wife was expecting child. So, Sergei spent his last business money to get a bed, as he would settle in his new home, and business the very next day. The last thing we spoke of is the fact he cannot travel home anymore, as he is old of age, and his body cannot take such a journey anymore, especially with the Children of the One all around.