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Jan 8, 2016
Vanessa Silverhand had stopped to read one of the many notices spread around town. She glanced at the rugged man beside her; the fellow oserian by the name Blackadder could only shrug.

"Whoever the fuck--..." Vanessa trailed off, using her unsure pause to point to the mayor's signature on the bottom. "Has she fully gone?"

Again, Marcus Blackadder shrugged.

Vanessa recollected herself with a low, deep breath. "Too late to side with us now, Mayor, I'll be sure to drag the korsian through the town's mud in not only chains but a leash if I have to. And he'll feel not the judgement of you, the One, but firstly each man, woman and child he had already threatened, attacked, maimed or killed in his time."

Silverhand reached in her belongings for ink and quill, adding to the notice of the trial in her own words.

"Do not mistake swift justice for an attraction."