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To the new Innkeeper! Cheers!


bad bitch xoxo
Jun 22, 2020
earth ;)
As many already know, Mara was looking for a new Innkeeper at the Skyreach Inn!
Now, my position isn't permanent as of yet, though, I'll be working hard to keep the place.

In light of the current situation, you are invited to a celebration!

There will be food and drinks, not for free of course, I need a way to make a living, you know!
All jokes aside, your company is very much appreciated!

If you're from Skyreach itself, Valdarr, or elsewhere, you're welcome. Outcasts and folks who fit in just nicely are invited.
I don't care for who you are, but I can assure you, The Prancing Elk is home to all!


OOC Information:

Where: Skyreach, Prancing Elk Inn

When: June 29th

Time: 5 PM Eastern Time