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Twenty-one Bones - Northern Dicing Game (Black Jack with dice and HOW TO PLAY)

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Jul 11, 2019
Twenty-one Bones - The Fortune Spirit's Game
A writing about the most played dicing game in the North

As title says, it's a ToB version of Blackjack/21's with dice.

[Two Oserians playing a Game of Bones]
Originating from Norvask and Valdarr, legends tell of the fortune spirit Elni to have blessed the man with twenty-one fortune bones, hidden within the body. Having lesser fortune bones could alter your fortune, and having more than twenty-one causes great misfortune to you. Some even say that you need more fortune bones in you than the other to best him in combat, be a better hunter, steal his lover for the night, and of course to outplay him in a nice Game of Bones, or Twenty-one bones to be precise. Of course, while not having more than twenty-one bones.

To make this very simple, our mighty spirit Elni has nothing to do with this, except for having lots and lots of luck when playing twenty-one bones. This is mostly played over gold, but in some cases, there is dice being played to settle an argument between two fighting Clansmen, and in a rare case, a local clan chief based his death sentence over a game of bones with a wanted criminal, believing that the spirit Elni should decide what was justice that day.

The rules are simple, two warriors (in this case, gambling dogs) are competing in combat, and gather their fortune bones to outmatch their opponent, without getting more than 21, thus losing the battle. Two pairs of dice are thrown in the first round, one pair for each gambler. Let's make an example that Gambler One threw 8, and the other 10, so Gambler two has the upper hand right now.


In the second round and onward, only one dice is used. Gambler Two throws a fortunate 7, adding up with the previous amount to have 17 bones at the moment. Gambler One throws a solid 10, ending up with 18 bones, gaining the upper hand this time. This is where it gets risky. Both could dice another time, hoping to get the right amount to stay out of misfortune, or be content with the bones you have, as Gambler One could do, since he is on the winning side.

Gambler Two takes the risk of losing, by throwing his dice. With his 17 bones against the other one's 18, he has to take the risk of finding a twosome at least, but not more than a foursome. With a gulp of ale, the second Gambler shuffles the dice in his hand, whispering a prayer inside his palms for good luck. And like the bastard dog he is, he throw a five-some, gaining the misfortune for having more than twenty-one bones, losing all his Kura's. The First gambler laughs the cheeks off his back work, as he won this round a nice sum of gold.

This is the easiest way to explain it, dear reader. Best your opponent with more bones than him, or her if you are lucky, and don't reach above the twenty-one bones. Now you know how earn some gold, settle an argument while competing over a woman, and maybe receiving your drinks for free tonight.

Use [/roll 12] to dice a pair of two. After each player has rolled, each may roll again, but from round 2 and onward, use [/roll 6]. A player may skip a turn when having a higher number than his opponent, but if the opponent gets a higher number without going past 21, he wins.
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