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Dec 30, 2015
OOC Information?
Please try your best to use proper grammar and correct spelling mistakes. This is a roleplay server and if accepted, writing will be your main form of communication while online.
MC Username-uber1234emil

How old are you- 14 (messed up my profile sorry)

What is your favourite color- I like all the colors i just don't have a favourite,

Have you read and agreed to the rules- Yes i have

Have you REALLY read the rules If so which one do you most agree with- Number 8 is my favorite

Are there any changes you would make to any the rules(if so why)- Um maybe 13, since i want to use all the mods i want to use, of course not mods like xray

How did you find Tale of Banners- My friend told me about it

Do you have any experience with other roleplay servers if so which server(s) and for how long-? Yes I have, idk Maybe a year and a half
If you don’t know any of the definitions feel free to look them up just make sure you understand them and write them in your own words.

What is Roleplaying- Its when two people interact as someone they are not

What is Metagaming- When you use ooc info ic

What is Powergaming- When you make you perform an action to over power to reach your goal not caring about roleplay consequences.
Player1: *Alfred tries not to fall off the edge*
Player2: *Grenda puches him off completely giving him no chance to hold onto the edge*
This would be Powergaming since Alfred forced into an action without having any consent at all like player 2 is controlling him.

What is OOC, IC, and IRL-? Out of character, In character, In real life
IC Information
Here is where you actually describe and create your own character. Be realistic! Follow the lore, and make sure your character makes sense and is someone you want to play as.

Characters Name- Ethelwald

Characters Age- 15

Characters Race- Oserian

Characters Sex -? Male

Characters Biography- Ethelwald Lived a normal life with his mother, father and brother.They all lived peacefully in a settlement full of peasants near the outskirts off Dunsgate. He always used to play with his older brother, and would always watch silently when his brother was taught something like how to take care off their animals and crops.
When his brother turned 12 he was still only 8 and started learning himself how to do the basics off farming and such by watching his brother. He started wander off spending his time alone doing mostly nothing.
After being alone so much he started to grow used to it, when he reached the age of 11 he was forced to start learning about farming and how to take care of animals.
When his father had taught him how to help them out they quickly learned that he had little talent for it. Because off this he was told to go somewhere else were he had more talent.
He tried hard to find a thing he was good at, but never managed to.
His father eventually had to go to a civil war, but Ethelwald was never told why. He started to become more shy and carefully around people he did not know after his father left.

His older brother had to take care off him and his mother, during this time he helped his brother out as much as he could.
Not long after this his mother passed away to, after her death he would purely really on his brother to take care of him. He would also obey his brother and follow him everywhere.
His brother explained that they were going to move and settle down somewhere else. They started to move and eventually ended up near outskirts of Dunsgate were they settled down. He would now be in a settlement with his brother were they now work hard trying to manage everything by themselves.

Character Traits & Ambitions- Ethelwald is shy and avoids new people. Getting to know people is also hard for him since he always has it in the back of his mind that they can die.
He wants to repay his brother for taking care of him and wants to get rid of his shy`ness.

Characters Strengths and Weaknesses- He is not strong or is good with anything involving hard work. He is still very smart and is good at thinking before acting.

Characters appearance (Be descriptive)- Ethelwald has blue eyes and blonde hair, he is about 1.6 meters tall and he is not a big person. His clothes is mostly of wool and leather.
His face would look rather friendly. His clothes would be a woollen sweater and pants with a leather belt and boots.

Please provide an in game screenshot of your characters skin here…..?7155e66945fd749171d5ef0e866d214d.png7155e66945fd749171d5ef0e866d214d.png

Role-Playing Scenarios
These scenarios will be used in order to test your role-playing abilities. Please answer any 3 of the 4 scenarios listed, and remember to complete these scenarios in as much detail as possible.?

Ethelwald looks around confused, wondering what's going on.
He sees other people around fighting over the spear.
He then quickly decides to walk the other way and rather looks for an exit.
Another persons sees him and wanders off to him clearly not wanting to fight to.
The other person ask him" Are you looking for the exit?"
"Y-yes i am" Ethelwald answers worryingly.
"Al-right lets look together" he reply s.
Ethelwald simply nods and they both start searching for an exit.
After a while they notice that a large amount off people are both hurt and dead from the fighting in the middle.
The other person yells at him telling him that he found a hole in the ground.
Ethelwald runs back to him.
The other person then shows him the hole in the ground and then without hesitation jumps in.
Ethelwald hears a bang shortly after before hearing the other person yelling its safe.
He then goes to jump in to. Reaching the bottom to they notice they are in some sort of maze.
Ethelwald worryingly decides that they should go in, The other person agrees. He then decides to use the rope to see where they are going. Each time they reach a dead end they use the rope to not get lost.
Eventually they reach the end where they see there is a staircase to get out. Upon walking closer they see sun light on the top and runs out.
When they reach the top Ethelwald ask the other person" What`s your name?" He then reply`s "I'm George".
They shake hands before both walks off.


Ethelwald being careful would say no thanks to the baked goods and ask if they have anything normal.
The vendor then reply`s with a laugh before telling him it was a joke.
Ethelwald would then look confused at him asking if he really was joking.
The vendor would then re assure him it was normal.
Ethelwald then says yes to the offer since he was hungry.
After sitting down and eating the food he feels rather strange, and starts to get worried.
Another person comes by and ask " were you offered any baked goods?" Ethelwald then says worryingly "Y-yes, is it true?"
" Thats just a joke he likes to do on people " The stranger said before walking off while laughing
Ethelwald calms down and decides to walk to the nearest tavern to get some rest, after talking with the other person. In the tavern he is asked by some if he is aright. Ethelwald tells her he ate some baked goods and that he is just a little stirred. The person then starts laughing just like the other, and then goes to say "Did you fall for that?". Ethelwald walks away feeling dumb he fell for it.


Ethelwald goes over to him and drops his sword before saying " A-are you alright?"
The crying man yells " Does it look like I am?" . Ethelwald goes to sit a couple of meters away from him before saying "I lost my brother this way to you know". The other man stares at him for a while before saying "Yeah, it sucks".
After sitting and relaxing for a while he asks if the man wants to bury the body, the man reply`s with simple yet affective yes. They both stand up and the man picks up the dead body holding him in both arms. After that they manage to make a hole in the ground were they put him before filling it with dirt.
After some minutes of silence the other man says he better be off. Ethelwald says the same and they both walk different directions.

Any extra information you would like to add on your application [Optional] Ethelred is his older brother we have both agreed to it.
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Dec 17, 2015
Hello hello! I, NTE, will be reviewing your application today.

Your application has been put on...


  • Looking at your power-gaming definition I would like an example to accompany it just to make sure you have the correct understanding of it.
  • Your character bio needs to be expanded and some lore needs to be included in the bio. (Where did he grow up? Did he have any friends growing up as a small child? What did he watch his brother do to catch onto the basics of the particular skill? Where is he now, in his adult years? etc. (Just some questions to help you out on your expansion) )
  • Your scenario's are OK, but I would like for you to include more of a dialogue and deeper detail of your character's actions in number 3.

Please make the following changes within 24 hours, failure to do so will result in the application being denied. When you make the changes shoot me a private message/or comment on your application and I will take another look!~ :) :D
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