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(Un)Official Character Theme Song Thread


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Mar 16, 2017
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Welcome to the (Un)Official Character Theme Song Thread!
Though we can have theme songs on character profiles, not everyone wants to bother with making entire profiles. To that end, we have this thread!

There are no rules as to what genre you can use and feel completely free to introduce silly songs if you please! Equally so, if you want to submit multiple songs for the same character, that's alright, it's probably best to explain why that song is also included. Playlists/Mixtapes are also acceptable. The only thing I ask is that you put your submissions in spoilers, titled with what they are supposed to be representative of!

As an example, I will run through a post using my character,

We'll start with the overall theme. Yes, of course it's a Beatles song, it would seem they're the only band I listen to.

However, I come with the bias of the creator of Genvieve. What if she could pick a song for herself? Well, I gave an iPad and this was the song she chose:
I can't quite say I agree.

So go on now, my fellow players! I'm excited to see everyone's themes!
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Sep 21, 2017
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Here's For Rudolf!

Here's something I think Rudolf is represented well by and get's all of his quirks, but isn't quite something he would listen to.

This is definetly what Rudolf would be listening to in Modern times, as heavy as it gets to psyche him up.

This is a more culturally and time appropriate song with theme's that definitly fit him, involving old wounds and hardship.
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May 28, 2020
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Jasper Finton's Theme Song(s)
Jasper has grown up in the North his entire life and, despite being noble, has only seen disaster after disaster. This has hardened him on the inside, though he puts on a facade of carefree and selflessness. He can feign vulnerableness and even seem genuine, but he choses when.
Sometimes being genuine is the best way to lie.

Intrigue is a skill of Jasper's. The shadows and his words are what he hides behind instead of a blade or aggression. He is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals- even if it means breaking himself.
Morals be damned when you are doing the right thing.

Though he is kind and genuine, a darkness resides within him. One that is rarely satisfied. Every death takes its toll. Most people learn to live with it but Jasper holds them close to his heart. Either as fuel for his actions or justification that he is doing the right thing.
Just like the past, Jasper is still inside the darkness.

Speaking of the past... Jasper gets lost in it at times. It sometimes feels as if he never left his old home. Ever since their mother died, Jasper has felt broken. This has allowed the darkness to take ahold of his heart. At times it feels like he isn't even himself.
That's because he isn't.

At times, Jasper loses control. When he isn't himself, it suddenly does not matter who you are. Whether a king or a commoner, you may be the target of his rage. But also his fear. He is tired of being held down by the people around him, whether it is his brother's goals or cultural views. For now, he runs out of fear of his breaking. But he is growing tired.
It is only a matter of time.

Behind all of this rage, fear, darkness, and good intentions is just a man who wants to help. He may go at it in a backwards and maybe even underhanded way but it is not impossible to prevent him from spiraling. He follows his heart and gut, then applies reasoning to those feelings. And sometimes that calls for him to let his inner madness out.
He follows his heart with some interjections from his brain.

And I will add an extra one here for those who only read this and not the character profiles: Jasper has not connected with any one religion. In this way, he is different than everyone he has met. He has also disregarded his own culture... looking at it from the lenses of the books he has read.
Instead, he listens and tries to understand, but knows he cannot relate to them.

The Outcasts.jpg

That is all! And yes, the moral line is supposed to sound crazy. Cause what are morals but right and wrong? That is the entire point. Thanks for the read (and possible listen)!
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