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Sep 21, 2017
United States
Minecraft Name
- Verando

Skype Name
- Verando


- US central time zone

Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it?
- Yes

Can you give any examples of your previous lore and writings?
- I would give documents I wrote on my previous d&d worlds but the files were unfortunately lost after my computer was destroyed. I have hand written work that I continue to work on in my spare time. I will give an example of my style though. I tend to look at where the characters will interact. Then I look at the big picture. In my game the characters were heading into a large swampy region to find a druid. I decided the history of the swamps origins as the result of a deep sea god becoming upset at the ancient gnome kingdom's meddling with magic. The god created a giant wave that wiped the kingdom from existence overnight. The resulting giant river gradually retreated. The whole region became a home for abominations from the gnomish experiments. That is the big picture. On a smaller scale the players would arrive at a town along the edge of the swamp. The town relies on infrequent trade with "neighboring" cities that exist outside of the helping swamp. Almost nothing farmable grows on the land save for poisonous ghraph, a near equal to nightshade. The plant has a more brownish hue and can be boiled to be edible, although the fumes must be avoided during the processing. The only reason the resident gnomes stay is because of a hope that the glory of the old kingdom can be found once more.

As you can most likely tell I enjoy the political aspects of lore the most, and prefer large scale lore building with a less focused look. I can do more focused lore with small scale application as well.

What do you think is the most important about designing and writing new lore?
- When designing lore the most important part is making sure the players are interested and invested in the lore. A great story about vampire lords in a distant kingdom could easily be written, but without some sort of practical interaction the players will not be invested.

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Mar 16, 2017
Buffalo, Missouri
Most beloved Verando,
I regret to inform you that you have been

Welcome to the team! We're currently making the transition from Skype to Discord, so if you can give me your contact information (Name and Tag) I will contact you immediately. If you do not have an account I can use Skype, but I beg, do make one.