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ACCEPTED Vytautas Hayha Intrigue App


Sep 29, 2019
United States (CST/GMT-5)
Minecraft name: Neilas

Character name: Vytautas Hayha

Character history:
Please include minimum of 3 detailed paragraphs containing build-up for villainous intent and an early history of the character, from this players should be able to see why your character is like they are and what has caused them to do what they do.
Vytautas, Vyt known henceforth, had a normal upbringing, growing up on a farm, and generally he enjoyed the the farm life, but it was boring. Any time his family went to bring their harvest to market, he tried tagging along as often as he could. He enjoyed the road, and he enjoyed the feeling of traveling, but there are really only a few ways to become a constant traveller. Either become a wandering peddler, which he lacked the business acumen for, and noone was particularly interested in hiring an apprentice, or being their guards. Thankfully, the militia is always hiring, and so, he joined up, trained, and after making a name for himself after besting a local noble knight in a contest of arms over some, potentially related run-in with his wife, he took to the roads, joining the caravans.

For a while, it was swell, and he made a close friend in those travels, and no matter which caravan hired them, Vyt always tagged along with his friend. But, one interesting thing about his friend was that he often lived without many possessions, and often accepted little in pay. Over time, Vyt took to those traits, likewise refusing a impressive life and often choosing to work for those who were less financially capable of affording caravan guards, yet desperately needed them. He too, even donned a similar yellow gambeson.

However, during a typical caravan run between two towns escorting some seemingly-unimportant cargo, the caravan was ambushed by bandits. Far too many, and the man whom hired him, a merchant working under a noble, sent both Vyt and his friend to their deaths, ordering them to fight while he ran. Well, Vyt's friend was never the type to exactly refuse orders, seeing as he'd already taken the money, and marched to his doom. Vyt, too, joined him. A long and drawn out fight between the pair and a seemingly-endless amount of bandits, only one was left alone. Vytautas. He took one sleeve off his beloved friend's yellow gambeson and fashioned it into a sash, and marched off. Near death, and in severe pain, both physical and emotional. Thankfully, anger and hatred kept him alive, and soon enough, he caught up to the caravan. Catching the merchant without guards and unaware, he murdered the merchant in his sleep, leaving all of the caravan's cargo there to rest with his friend.

Characters personal strengths and weaknesses:
Vytautas means well. He genuinely does, but he lacks compassions for criminals, and those who mindlessly throw the lives of their subordinates around. He is often hostile to large merchant companies and the nobility without first meeting them. A "guilty before proven innocent" sort of mindset, and to him, he has been proven right more than wrong. He is morally strict, and judges harshly, but it is all in well-meaning, and while he will hold grudges, he will consider forgiveness... After an admittedly long time.

What tier of intrigue are you hoping to achieve for your character, and why does your character deserve that tier?
Please list each tier and a short explanation of why you feel your character has developed some of the attributes found within the tiers.
I suppose it's important to say Vytautas Hayha isn't necessarily a bad man, just often easily riled up and judgemental. He doesn't enjoy being angry with folks, and he doesn't enjoy physical violence. But, he realizes life's problems can't be solved by sweet talking and money, and that, when time calls for it, violence and death are the only way solve issues. So, Tier 4.

In what way do you believe you can contribute to the server’s roleplay by getting an accepted Intrigue application?
(Only include this if this is your first time making an intrigue application.)
It's hard to say what exactly, but as far as I've seen, very few of the accepted applications are against nobility on principle, and it might be interesting to have a sort of mildly anarchist character who might be in a position to help those around him strongarm the nobility using threat of violence.

Do you understand that villainous roleplay on the server is taken very seriously, as it comes with a lot of power? And do you understand that doing things your character is not allowed to do may lead to you getting blacklisted from making further villainous characters?

Do you also agree to your villainous character permanently dying if killed through roleplay?
(Only applicable for intrigue tier 2 or above, if you’re just applying for tier 1 do not include this)
Absolutely, it'd be unfair if I could see someone put to death, yet could escape it myself.

Additional information:
This section can be used for additional information about the application, if necessary.
I fully understand that the ability to murder characters is extreme, and I don't intend to use it lightly. I know Vyt seems like a hot-head right now, but he isn't just a mindless murderer. If he does, he will have a very, very good reason for it. As a character, he's more than satisfied by simply humiliating his opponents, and I as a person, understand that seeing your character be effectively deleted can be very, very shitty, and only intend to use it in very, very rare occasions.


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Sep 21, 2017
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Congratulations! Your intrigue application has been approved for Tier 4

Your character easily meets the requirements for Tier 4

All in all a high quality intrigue application, well done!