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Vytautas Hayha


Sep 29, 2019
United States (CST/GMT-5)

Vytautas Hayha

Quick Description
A large Oserian-born farmer-turned caravan guard. Hot-headed, overly idealistic, and a little too strict in his morals, Vytautas, often shortened to Vyt, can be a bit extreme at times, and rarely backs down. Although thankfully, he dons a rather unusual yellow gambeson most of the time, making it easy to avoid him.

Physical Info

Name - Vytautas "Vyt" Hayha
Sex - Male
Ethnicity - North Oserian
Age - 26
Height - 6'6"/198cm
Weight - 214lbs/97kg
Build - Halfway between lithe and muscular.
Hair - Dark, unkempt beard. Full beard.
Eyes - Dark green.
Complexion - Fair, almost pale

Psychological Info

Personality - Surprisingly, friendly and relaxed, often what one could consider good company, even if he is a little rigid at times. However, he lacks compassion for anyone he views that stands outside of his fairly strict and rigid view of how one is meant to live life. In particular, to those who have wronged him or he believes is wrong, he is immensely hostile, and while he likely won't stab them in the streets, he wouldn't exactly be willing to assist them in life-or-death matters.

Core Beliefs - All folk should be equal, and all of them should contribute to society. No man should have to fear for their future, and if he is, those in better positions must be willing to sacrifice for another. The nobility and clergy have no special status in his eyes, and deserve no special rights. Those who abuse their power are utter scum and undeserving of any pity, even if they atone for their sins. Those who seek to abuse those which cannot protect themselves are of the lowest caliber of person, and deserve a swift and imminent death.

Religion - The One, although not particularly attached to it as a traveling man.

Noted Quirks and Personality Traits -
- He will, if at all possible, refuse charity, and absolutely must pay the one whom has helped him back if at all possible. However, he does not shy away from over payment for his duties, and typically accepts it in order to help fund his endeavors.
- Vyt is rather hot-headed, and generally won't turn down from a fight, except in the case of having to fight those who are mentally incapacitated (drunk, mentally disabled, etc.) or physically incapacitated (Disabled, child, infirm, elder, etc.).
- He generally does not drink alcohol nor partake in smoking stemming from both earning little, and seeing it as a barrier to performing his work properly, although he will partake in it during festivities.

Other Info

Martial Skills - Vyt is fully trained, and experienced, as a footsoldier, particularly excelling in two-handed polearms and spears, although fully capable with most one-handed weaponry and shield combat. He, however, is untrained with a bow, and is only somewhat trained in crossbow usage, instead preferring to use a sling and rock. Vyt is also incapable of riding warhorses and horses into combat, although is familiar with riding a horse.

Skills - A traveler and survivalist at heart, he can generally live off the lay of the land, particularly in both Oseria and the North, and is capable of maintaining his clothes and equipment himself, although cannot mend metal parts. As often accompanying merchants in their caravans, he has picked up a few tricks in the marketplace from them, although he refuses to use them unless he realizes he is being scammed or ripped off. Being a farm boy, he is accustomed to farm life, although having long since not worked a farm, some of the more esoteric knowledge of the trade has long since left his mind.

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