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War Declaration format

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Aug 30, 2015
Declaration of War

This format is used as a formal way of declaring a war. It is required that you have proper political build-up and reasoning for the war you are about to start, or else it will be outright denied. For information about wars and combat, check out the link below.

Link to the war and combat system

Only nations can declare war, and they can only fight against other nations.

The cost of war
During war, maintenance on siege weapons doubles which should be taken into account when declaring a war. if you can't afford to pay for siege weapons, the war may take a terrible turn.

War Declaration Format

List of all involved nations:
If two nations join to attack one nation, both the capitals of the attackers must be occupied for the defender to win the war. (white peace can be called at any time however).

Cause/reason of the war (Rebellion, Holy War, De-Jure claim etc…) :
The casus belli that you choose must be agreed as valid before your declaration will be accepted. Stronger claims are more likely to be accepted.

A detailed description of events leading up to the war:
This should be an RP style story detailing the attackers recent history and what has brought them to commit to a costly war. Please feel free to be as creative with pictures and font as you like.

The home county of the attacking and defending forces:
Please list all the HQ locations of each of the involved nations (County and Settlement/Stronghold/City). Keep in mind that if you list a settlement as a HQ any battles that take place there will be “open-field”. For a “siege” you require a stronghold or a city.

Extra information:
If there are any odd/unorthodox circumstances you wish to explain, this is where to do it.
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