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ACCEPTED Where Does the Leaf Fall?

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Sep 21, 2017
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A Yaelkan poem of loss and failure, and moving onward. It is designed to flow elegantly in the old Yaelkan Tongue. The Yaelk are known to be a very literal people, and their songs often try to convey complex ideas through simple imagery.

Where does the leaf fall?

Watching the cold creep into the earth,
The sky takes her light from us days upon.
A tree sets his roots and they shrivel.
A wolf stops and stares to the leaf.
It falls upon the earth, and the wolf envisions.
Flittering ever downward, the leaf spins uncontrolled.
The sky breathes upon it, flushing it into the air.
The wolf sits upon the earth and waits.
Dripping to ground, the leaf twists.
Upward, the sky looks as it sits upon the soil.
There, it rests, and becomes one.
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