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ACCEPTED Wysteria Renzin Thurnblood - Tier Application


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Jun 22, 2020
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Minecraft name:


Character name:

Ayleth Renzin Thurnblood

Character history:

TW - slightly graphic?

Ever since Ayleth was young, she knew dying in God's name was not what she wanted. She was raised around combat, learning accuracy, strength, stealth, balance, and the way of Qoaldir. To die in God's name, and that death on the battlefield was of the highest honor. Ayleth never believed that's what he wished for. Why would a god want his followers to pitifully die in his name? He's a symbol of immortality and conquest. Only a fool would die in vain.
Ayleth always knew that she was different from her peers. That was she going to be the one to live for her God. To strive, conquer. She believed she was the one who was meant to change the way Qoaldir's follower's lived. To live for themselves, yet to die with glory for their God.

The way she wished to conquer was to be superior above all, even if she didn't show others, Ayleth knew what she was going to become. Though still being a child at the beginning stages of combat training, unable to do anything to those larger than her, she started with bugs.

Whenever Ayleth had free time, she would go outside scavenging for all different kinds of bugs. Small ones to start. Ants, ladybugs and pill bugs, butterflies, etc.. Of course, the ones with wings were an issue. She quickly solved that by plucking them off, their wings. After collecting a fair amount of insects, she kept them in her room in a glass jar. She would take a new bug out of the jar every day. This would go on for a week. The chosen bug would be severed of its limbs, leaving nothing but it's dismembered corpse.

She kept note of the bug's abilities with and without said limbs, and how removing another limb affected the bug, keeping the old bugs jars filled with dirt to see how long they’d take to decompose.

The bugs that survived week 1 or had simply not been touched, because she grabbed too many, would go through a series of challenges during week 2.

Take note that she would document everything she had done to her test subjects.

During week two, the remaining bugs would be kept in bottles filled with different things to see how long they would survive/react to their environment. These things varied from sand to dirt to water to foods, even. Ayleth wanted to drain every last bit of knowledge she could get from them.

When she was done experimenting with insects, she would have moved up to small animals. Rats, mice, kittens, puppies. Her process with these animals was roughly the same, though, with these subjects being larger than the previous ones, she would dissect them.

She wanted every last drop of knowledge she could get from her studies. She wanted to know every single weakness, pressure point. With these bigger animals, she even "played" with them as they were living. From this, her arms are scarred with claw marks and other wounds. She learned that if she wished to do the things Ayleth wanted to do, and learn what she wanted to know, she'd have to take away the animal's ability to move.

From began to develop a knack for building trinkets and small tools that would help her further her knowledge.

You might be thinking, "why would someone do this to these poor, poor animals?" and you're right. Why would someone do this? Well, Ayleth never viewed these things as bad or morally wrong. She believed it was acceptable to do what she needed to get what she wanted under God's name, and she did just that.

From this point on, I can assume you have a basic idea of what she did in her free time. Always learning, always having her subjects grow bigger.

When she had gotten a little older and learned to read, she would have read books on anatomy, history, and anything that would have helped her know her enemies' weaknesses. Those being anyone who had doubted her or simply believed they were better, for she had Qoaldir with her.

Ayleth wasn't the type to lash out or act randomly. To her, that was stupid. She always planned out what she wanted to do, keeping the name and description of everyone who had ever crossed her written down in her journal, so when she became almighty and one with Qoaldir, they would finally face her wrath.


Being around the age of 15/16, having almost learned all she could with the current topics she was studying, she began to swap animals to humans. Knowing she couldn't have gotten away with murder yet and being older, she knew that it was socially viewed as wrong, so she started by examining other's reactions. Ayleth wasn't allowed to keep humans in boxes, so she was forced to learn how people .. worked... Outside of confinement. Unlike her previous test subjects.

At this time, she carried her journal with her everywhere. Documenting people's reactions to specific events, even planting certain items that would trigger reactions. Ex. Coins, dead animals, blood (whether it is her own or an animal's.), etc..

After a year, roughly, she decided that just watching people wasn't enough. So, she chose to interact with them directly. Whether it be bumping into them, coming up to strangers, and lying about scenarios such as being followed or needing help with something, or breaking down in public. This is where she not only learned how gullible people were, she picked up the skill of pickpocketing.

The times she had gotten caught doing so, which was more so when she was just beginning to develop the skill, she learned to break down. Being a female who was still a kid, she had an easier time getting away with these things. She blamed it on her parents getting a divorce or her dog dying. If that didn't work, she would resort to anything to save her ass.


After a while, her now being 22, her old hobbies have become dull, boring. She no longer has anything to learn from them. Yet she still wants to do the thing she's been craving to do most. Study a human. And not one from a book. It's the thing that's been on her bucket list since she was a pre-teen. It's what will make her superior; she'll know everything (Or so she believes).

My, she's a lot of planning to do, but nothing is holding her back. Knowledge is power, and power is the key to conquer. Conquer, and Immortality. This is the path to her God, the way to immortality. For this is what Qoaldir sent her down to do.
Characters personal strengths and weaknesses:



-Love of Learning

Suitable As Either
-Lack of Empathy

-Overly Confident

-Aristotle Complex


What tier of intrigue are you hoping to achieve for your character, and why does your character deserve that tier?

Tier 3-4, am okay with whatever

Scoundrel (Tier 1)
  1. Pick Pocketing - After observing the people around her, interacting with them in different ways, such as pickpocketing, triggered something in her that made these things fun. She enjoyed the thrill it gave her, and it allowed her to feel invincible. Like she could do anything and get away with it.

  1. Sale of Illegal goods/Smuggling - Ayleth wasn't much into smuggling. She had no reason to; it didn't suit her needs. Though, she was excellent at keeping things hidden. Whether it be corpses or contraptions, she made.

Criminal (Tier 2)
  1. Mugging / Assault - Ayleth has always enjoyed knowledge as a whole. She wouldn't mug someone purely for their money or belongs either. She'd do it simply to see their reaction and adapt to each one given so she'd be able to prepare for her long term goal.

  1. Burglary - With her stealing becoming a habit, the smaller items would give her less and less of a thrill as she's about seen all of their reactions, growing old of doing the same thing repeatedly. She'd eventually go for bigger, bolder things that would leave a mark. She did it on occasion, planning out what she was going to go and keeping track of the times the people in the area were the least active to have a slightly less chance of getting caught.

  1. Piracy - Ayleth has never had a need for this. She most likely won't in the future either.
Deviant (Tier 3)
  1. Kidnapping/Slavery - Ayleth has always wanted to study how humans work, how they act when they've been through .. challenging life experiences and different challenges. She wants a human guinea pig that she can make her test subject.

  1. Inciting Disorder - Growing up with a different view of Qoaldir's message, she wants to get it out there in any way she can. Whether with a big crazy bang or only posting fliers. Though, the best way to get the message out there is with chaos. Organized chaos. From studying people for so long, she could plan out what would happen, how they would react, and the best way to incite the madness.
Cutthroat (Tier 4)
  1. Murder - Finding dead bodies to cut up, examine, and study is hard to do in Esna. Ayleth doesn't plan on letting her subject free either. Though, keeping it alive is far too much work for her. Maybe she'll keep her favorite alive for a little longer... Though they need to go when she's finished with them, or they're too damaged beyond use.

  1. Torture - Ayleth's subjects probably aren't going to willingly comply with physically harming and psychologically abusing themselves, so Ayleth is most likely going to have to do it for them.
In what way do you believe you can contribute to the server's roleplay by getting an accepted Intrigue application?

Well, I do hope that I bring some fun kidnap/torture roleplay that incites a little fear of something happening to your character without any idea if / when it's happening. I'll also be joining a group of players coming together to get some fun villainy roleplay out there! Who knows what to expect ;)

Do you understand that villainous roleplay on the server is taken very seriously, as it comes with a lot of power? And do you understand that doing things your character is not allowed to do may lead to you getting blacklisted from making further villainous characters?

I do!

Do you also agree to your villainous character permanently dying if killed through roleplay?

Yep! Immortal characters are no fun.

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Sep 21, 2017
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Congratulations! Your intrigue application has been approved.

You have been accepted for Tier 3.

Your biography paints a good picture of escalation from small goals to larger, and it seems as though you're ready to begin kidnapping!

Have fun with your assaults and kidnapping! Don't forget, if you log your actions you will be able to apply for tier 4, and even 5 in the future.
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