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Yatur of the Grulk


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Sep 4, 2020
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Name : Yatur D'ghan
Place of Birth: A caravan between the North and the Crook
Gender: Male
Origin: Drahl. Technically a Crook, though born of Grulk.
Status: Skev. Hunter of the wastes.
Language: Tehn and practiced Norvian. Cannot write but reading is coming to him.
Family: His mother still lives in the Crook, though his father passed to fever. He has a brother and a sister, though he only knows them as infants.

Height: Towering, aproximately 7'4".
Weight: Above average for his height. He is not cut though contains strength built over the years.
Hair: Black, but dirtied from mud and the like.
Eyes: Muddy Green
Physical Description: An imposing figure, though not as imposing as your pure blood ancestors. Shaggy and long, dirty hair with a scraggy beard. Muddy green eyes that complement harsh and worn features. Always sports a necklace made from teeth of Crookmire and now Northern beasts. His body is torn from mistakes made on the road and in the swamps.
Clothing/Equipment: He usually sports clothing made by his brief family of the infirmary. He is working on a set of winter clothing made from the furs of the land. You can usually find him wielding an unfinished cleaver. He has been missing the tools to finish the weapon so he is sporting a spear at the moment.

Personality: He finds himself fighting the lust for bloodshed and action most days. He sates this desire by hunting the beasts of the north and getting into the occasional bar fight. He does not want to make trouble in his new-found home however so he practices what his mother taught him. He uses polite words and makes conversation without confrontation most of the time. He tries his best to make friends but his intimidating presence may scare off people who are not prepared for his frame.
Skills: He is adept at staying silent and can subtly pick a lock with a bit of work. He is patient and trained with heavy combat tools. Though his true skills lay in heavy weapon combat and being on the front lines of war. He has picked up a little skill in metalwork and has been trying to finish a Drahl-style cleaver for many years.
Weaknesses: He hasn't developed finesse style combat skills nor does he know how to write. He can be compulsive and hot blooded at times and he has a seething hatred for Oserians just as they have a hatred for him. Sometimes this can get in the way but he has been good at biting his tongue and not speaking out.
Favorites: He likes the slimy foods of the swamps. Mushrooms, frogs, boar, roots, and fish. He eats pretty much anything. He enjoys drinking on occasion, but the juice of Oserian fruits is his favorite. He thoroughly enjoys a good fight as well as a long exhausting hunt.
Dislikes: Again, Oserians. He has had awful experiences with them in the past and he will not easily look past that fact. He will not speak out if it means creating enemies, though if he does not initiate he will not hold back. You dislike prepped food and people who act better than others. People who boast and people who flaunt are often targets of his.
Goals: Finding purpose. Finding his tribe. Finish that damned cleaver.
Strengths: Strong willed, strong of body, trained in heavy armor and weapons, patient.
Weaknesses: Traditional knowledge, unable to write, greedy, compulsive, hot blooded, stubborn.
Fears: He is scared of being purposeless. Not having reason to do the things you do. Without his father to take care of, he has lost a need to do the things he does.
Life Philosophy: Survive, thrive, and make those who deserve it suffer.


Adan: A kind Korsian man. A clothier and a keeper of lunebugs. One could say he is the light of the north, he seems to be the most cheerful and optimistic of the people I've met. Seems to be engaged with a man by the name of Cyrine. I haven't met him.

Amund: I've only spoken to Amund a few times, though he's one hell of a fighter. Beat me in an arena fight with a crutch and a solid will. Has as much honor as he does spirit. The Gunderson clan is strong and I wish them a long rule in the North.

Byrne: I've spoken maybe three words to the man, but respect is there. I've never seen a man who comes close to my size, I wish to do combat with him.

Drake: An Oserian who lacks integrity in combat. He serves under a Northern King, though his personality does not shift from that of his Oserian ancestors. He seems high maintenance. I feel bad for the King and the Warden. He's a quick as the devil though, and resourceful too. I'd hate to be on the other side of his blade outside of the arena.

Jibbs: An odd man who invited me to live on the coast. I haven't spoken to him much otherwise.

Golihart: A rare sight, but one for sore eyes. For one so young, she is full of wisdom. She has tried to sway me to the words of religion but I do not wish to follow what I cannot see or feel. A welcome friend in the harsh colds of the North, however.

Jolfdane: What seems to be a simple man with simple needs. I respect that. Otherwise, I do not know much of him.

Mylo: The King of the North. He seems to be a fair king from what I've seen. He's gained the respect of most in the North and has a strong will. I wonder what he intends to do with the Oserian nobles that have showed their faces.
Nichola: A wise Yaelk seer. We had a very good conversation around a fire and he shared with me much wisdom. I have not seen him since. Though our time together was short, he impacted me in a way he will never know.

Torvald: The Warden of Skyreach. A respectable and strong man who exudes an energy of confidence. I hope to learn as much as I can from him. As a fellow metal worker I eventually hope to work under him. Though, I believe I must prove my worth first.

Vytautas: An Oserian who is rough around the edges. Quite vulgar and seems prone to anger. I feel as if we have a common goal though I don't know enough about him to be sure.

Ziad: The Seer's brother and Terkhan of his clan. I feel sorrow for his story. Losing his tribe and having unfinished business with his sister is something that weighs heavily on his soul. I give my respect to the man who helped his sister build this place, and wish him the best in the future.

Zhaw: A small Krelkan drahl. A little spitfire that one. I haven't seen him much as late, I wish to see him again. He seems like a good time.
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