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ACCEPTED Zeonura's Lore Team Application


Oct 26, 2016
Minecraft Name: zackarypapas
Skype Name: daraku.amnaru
Age: 16
Timezone: UTC -07:00
Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it?: As much as I could garner from the single accepted and denied application, yes. Plus what was written in the post with the application format.
Can you give any examples of your previous lore and writings?: Yes, but it might be more interesting if I just write something new; Right? Most of what I write is High Fantasy, but I can do most forms of Fantasy anyway.
This is the story of a blacksmith, who was once a lowly peasant.
He helped the local smithy with anything he possibly could, because he loved to watch the smiths work; he loved it even more when the old smith started teaching him how to smith.
He worked and toiled in the sweltering heat of the forge for what seemed like hours, until he finally finished his first work.
It was a longsword, one forged of bronze, and while it was somewhat poor in quality; he felt it was perfect.
The old smith described what he could have done to make the sword better, and so the boy tried again and again; until finally, eight years later, the man who was once a boy finished a blade the old smith thought was better then his own works.
He felt overjoyed that the old smith had praised his work, but felt he could still get better.
He tried many different metals, and many different styles of forging.
The old blacksmith simply watched as he toiled and worked, trying to find the perfect method.
Eventually, the old blacksmith passed; and the new blacksmith, who was once but a boy, continued to work. He was determined, he was dedicated.
Eventually, he started to work with more Magical materials; finding out the different properties of various legendary metals and parts of monsters.
He eventually found a material he couldn't work properly, Ancient Flame the merchant called it, and he failed twice before he finally succeeded to craft it into a blade.
The blacksmith had made it, the perfect blade. He didn't even realize that his family, who were once poor, were now rich.
He didn't even care that they sold his works, because he considered them failures.
The blade he forged, Salamander, seemed to be made of living flame; for it flickered and danced in the corners of ones eyes.
Salamander was a blade forged of Ancient Flame, and it was perfect.
The blacksmith Ignis finally made his dream a reality, he forged the perfect blade.
And now he had to set his goals even higher, and so he set out to forge the armor, shield, and bow to pair with the blade.
And thus his journey began again, so he toiled and worked until he could no more.
What do you think is the most important thing about designing and writing new lore?: I'd have to say there is a few things of great importance. Firstly, Consistency; If it isn't consistent with everything else, it would be really weird to find it. (Example: You rummage through a chest you found in the back of the cave, and find a Laser Pistol.) Secondly, Detail; The more the better, because who wants their sword to just be a "Iron Sword"? Why not mention it's form and shape? Maybe even it's length! (Example: The smith hands you a Iron Longsword, you can easily see the effort the smith put into it as you look up and down the blade. The weight of the blade was well balanced, but you could tell it was heavier towards the tip.
The blades length, not counting the grip, was about forty inches.) And thirdly, Fun; I, personally, think this is the most important part of writing anything. If you don't have fun with it, the people reading it probably won't think it's interesting. But if you have fun with writing it, then it will carry through to the person reading it; even if it is something as simple and small as the description of a weapon, it can still carry a lot of meaning.
If there was something I forgot to talk about or mention, tell me. I'm more then happy to be reminded, or even corrected on a few things.