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Ziad Naiman


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Oct 7, 2019
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Key Information
Name : Ziad Naiman
Ethnicity: Yaelk
Age: 52
Profession: Naiman Tribe Terkhan, Bowyer/Fletcher
Weight: 190 lbs
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Brown/Light Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Tanned
Allergies: None
Disabilities: Tinnitus, Amputee

Complete Description: Ziad is a larger than average sized Yaelk with a dense build. He cuts his hair and facial hair himself so it ends up rather shaggy but his beard and mustache are usually well kept. He wears a thick set of brown and grey leathers with a fur overcoat. Due to recent circumstances, Ziad has lost his right arm. He no longer carries his bow as he cannot wield it properly anymore. He now carries a curved sword of the Drahl on his hip.

Mental State

Personality: Ziad is a very open minded individual who is very dedicated to learning the ways of the world. He tends to want to make friends rather than enemies so he will usually swallow any hatred or discomfort he has to avoid conflict. Family is number one for Ziad and will do anything for them. However, he believes his family and those in it are more than capable of handling themselves, so he will only interfere with others' business if they directly ask.

Beliefs: Ziad is a firm believer in Tsarra and her teachings and is a strict follower of his tribe's rules.

Favorite things:
▪Place: Out in the open, under the stars
▪Color: Yellow
▪Food: Anything spicy
▪Sound: Nature
▪Activity: Practicing his bow or collecting knowledge

Least Favorite/Disliked things:
▪Place: Confined places, caves, etc
▪Color: Red
▪Food: Eggs
▪Sound: Chewing
▪Activity: Tending the herd.

Hobbies: Ziad has been completely dedicated to regaining his body mass/adjusting to his one remaining arm and gaining skill with the sword.

Ziad often finds himself scratching his chin

Ziad finds himself smoking when he is idle

Ziad is distinctly left handed

Positive qualities:
+ Ziad is loyal to a fault to those he's created a bond with, and won't easily break that loyalty.
+ Ziad is a crack shot and has a great portfolio when it comes to long distance shots
+ Ziad is usually very accepting of others and their problems

Negative qualities:
- Ziad has a very addictive personality
- Ziad is very cruel to those who break his trust and doesn't easily forgive


Relationships (In the works)
Platonic Love, Romantic Love, Friendship, Respected, Neutral, Distrust, Annoyance, Hatred, Deceased

Nicholai Naiman

My brother, a wise seer. He has guided me along my path as Terkhan well. He has given me wisdom, and has clarified my path. I must meditate heavily on the visions I was given. I hope I do not let him down, as I let down my tribe.

Mara-Lee Chabot

I miss her dearly... I fear I have let her down in more ways than one. I only wish for the chance to meet her again in life, and reconcile.

Asher Finton

I would like to say I respect him as a fellow leader but I am not sure if that is the case. One one hand he is a strong fighter with an iron will, but on the other he is inexperienced and seems to not think at times. I am not sure if I fully trust him, only time under the pressure of power will tell who he truly is.
Asher is a troubled soul. Since his return he seems much more level headed. He has taken on the task of starting a new colony between Valdarr and Skyreach. I do hope he finds his place amongst the North. As much as people don't trust him, I believe him and his brother deserve a second chance.

Jasper Finton

Similar to his brother, he is quite odd. A Northerner that doesn't like the winter, doesn't drink ale, and wishes to expand his religious horizons is very strange. He is hot-headed and seems to be a bit of a yes-man. From my observations he doesn't have a will of his own and is very much akin to a follower. However, he is a selfless man who wishes to see the world equal. A grand and proper goal to be sure, but I am not sure he has the will to execute his dreams.
A tired soul, one who has gone through much in The North. Or at least, if what he has told me is true. I do not know what to expect of him. From what he has told me, he wishes for a conflict and free North. If his dreams are truthful, then he can expect me to back him as well as I can.


Genevieve is very well learned. She is an absolute joy to speak to and is quite polite. For an Oserian from Dunsgate, she is not as bad as I first thought. She speaks with an air of confidence and does not stand to be trod upon. She has been going through many hardships and crucial change. I may not be around as much to guide you on your path and for that I am sorry.

Mylo Dannak

Mara's successor. I like to believe he is an honorable man and a strong leader. Though troubling stories have passed my ears and I can't help but think he has done some wrong. Though, who amongst us haven't. He has recently returned from his pilgrimage, I hope he found what he was looking for.


A woodworker from the North and an ex raider of the seas. From what I've seen he is a very capable fighter and a skilled craftsman. He lost his leg quite early in life, but he seems to be adjusting well. I enjoy drinking at his tavern and having conversation with him. I don't know why, but he just seems like an old friend.

The Gunderson Brothers

Many of them are similar to Mylo. Strong of will and of body. I do sometimes mix up their names, but I blame it on my old age. They remind me of the tribe, back when it was full of healthy men and women. They protect each other, they fight by each other's sides, they drink together... I long for the time that I had such a family by my side.​
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