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Hello everyone! Ornaid & Dwells Stables is hosting an open-barn event on Wednesday, August 5. This event will include free services for the entire day, mounted games, alcohol, and food. Starts at 6:30, we'll wait a little to let everyone get on (if they so choose). We offer free lessons, trails rides, and basic horsemanship. This will begin around 6:45. The mounted games are shortly afterwards.
You there, person looking to join!
99% of people are playing Northerners. Play Drahl instead! :D
Or oserians c:
Korsians are the best race, we have the biggest brains.
Next weeks event will be a major content expansion! Join us on the 11th of July for a brand new area, quests and a big event!
Next weeks event will be on Wednesday the 1st of July at 9PM BST as not to clash with the 4th of July on Saturday!
This weeks major event is just around the corner! Log in at 9PM BST on the 20th of June for an exciting and festive event!
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Our next major event will start at 9PM BST on the 13th of June! Jump on for another huge event!
Our active time is from 8PM BST to 2-3AM BST, and if you ask me it is ;3
Due to timetable issues the event on the 16th has been pushed forward an hour to 10PM BST.